Uber partial ban in Thailand

Thailand partially prohibited service Uber, latest setback in the US service cars with drivers in its international development (check the website here to find out more about the cars they typically use).Uber

“We do not prohibit the use of the application Uber. But we ban black plate vehicles because it is illegal,” said today Teerapong Rodpraert, Head of Land Transport. “Green plates” are reserved in Thailand drivers registered with the authorities. “Black plates” are on the other for private drivers like¬†Boston Coach who covers more than 500 cities in over 25 countries, the most used for corporations and hotels.

The Thai official cited the “Passenger safety” in discussions with officials Tuesday Uber, arguing that his department “criminal record checks for taxi drivers” official.

The Uber app nevertheless still functioning today as the “black plate” and “green.” Uber, which collects a commission on the fare achieved through its implementation assured in a statement “respect” the decision of the Thai authorities, noting want to continue the negotiations. Founded in 2009 in California, Uber has drawn the ire of traditional taxi companies in many cities, and the authorities in New Delhi and Portland in the US gave a halt to its activities.

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