The sumptuous villa holiday Jay-Z and Beyonce in Thailand

Beyonce and Jay-Z are on vacation during the holidays and they headed to Thailand for a new year sun, quiet and away from New York.

They had left Iceland in early December and three weeks later, after crossing the globe, these are in Thailand. Of course, they do not travel in the same way as us. They take a private jet, staying in the most exclusive establishments and eat lobster every meal.beyonce et jay-Z en Thailande ( Phuket )

When we allow ourselves a sunbed, they bask on a luxury beach bed, when we go to the beach, they enjoy a private Olympic pool. If your hotel room is 15m2, for them, it is the size of the toilet. So it’s no surprise that the duo has offered some holidays in Phuket, Thailand, in a sumptuous villa to 25,000 dollars a night.

A villa to 25,000 dollars a night

Yes, you read correctly! But that’s the price of peace, luxury and exclusivity. All research a couple of star holiday. This villa, nestled near the Aman Resort allows its not like other tenants to enjoy everything without worrying about anything. A butler is available round the clock, as the cook and a team that meets their every desire.

These desires, moreover, are very simple, according to local sources, “They make sandcastles with Blue Ivy on the beach”, “Jay-Z makes the bike” and the couple even attended Thai boxing match. Vacation “almost” like everyone else, finally …

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