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The railway network in Thailand dessert star the three main regions: North, Northeast and South (the network is connected to the network Malaysian and Singapore).Departing for the South

Thai trains offer three classes or only two, depending on the type of train. Trains – berth are very comfortable and inexpensive, even in first class.

Reservations: Advance booking office, Hua Lampong station in Bangkok.

Attention: The Train reservations are not possible online since 14 January 2013.

National Society paths Thai iron:
T. 1690 (Hotline Thailand)
66 (0) 22 22 01 75, (0) 22 20 44 44
Website (not online reservation)
A modern road and motorway network allows to move easily throughout the kingdom.

Regular bus services connect all communities together.thai-bus , thailand

There are also very comfortable air-conditioned buses operating links with the various tourist centers.

According to the destinations, you must apply to the various bus stations:

North and Northeast: Bangkok Northern-Northeastern Bus Terminal, Kam Phaeng Phet 2 Road.
Tel: (662) 936 2841-48

South Bangkok Southern Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)
East Coast: Eastern Terminal Bangkok, Sukhumvit Rd.
Tel: (662) 3918097, 3998504
147 Baromratchorinani Road
Tel: (662) 434 5557-8; 435 1200
public transport
Public buses are numerous, but often overloaded (especially during peak hours).

They are very cheap (3.50 to 5 baht in the scope of Bangkok for non air-conditioned buses from 6 to 16 baht for air-conditioned bus).

There are also air-conditioned minibus (red and gray) operating on fixed routes at a flat rate (25 baht).

The main bus lines are indicated on the plans of Bangkok sold in bookstores.

Bangkok has a subway since 2004.
Moving in Bangkok has been revolutionized by the air railway system startup named the Skytrain. (Air Train)

23.5 Km network is a huge success since its commissioning on the main streets of Silom and Sukhumvit. The journey was reduced to a few minutes with the power train that travels over congested streets. The system is currently operational to transport 25,000 passengers per hour in each direction on the Sukhumvit line and 13,500 passengers per hour in both directions on the Silom line.

The elegant design of the interior of the vehicle has been well received by the used of Bangkok. Wide opening doors provide easy access for the disabled train.

Security has been one of the main objectives in each station armed guards are stationed giving parents the assurance of being able to send their own children to school, which was not the case by means of normal travel.

Socially, it is now quite possible for tourists and residents to spend the evening in the neighborhood of the Victory Monument in Bangkok and then go down to Sukhumvit or the river to go to a bar or a restaurant. The movement takes only a few minutes, much faster than taxis, cars and buses.

Despite some initial doubts about the positive reception of the population, the Skytrain was general become more and more popular and increased circuit is planned for the future.

Tel: (662) 617 7300
Fax: (662)) 6177133
Download the map of the Metro:
Taxi and tuk-tuks
Taxis we reserve hotels offer non négociables.Les taxis fixed rates you can hail on the street are usually equipped meter (taxi-meters) they do not always wish to use and You require. There are 35 baht for the first 3 kilometers, and approximately 5 baht extra mile. Drivers complain to put the meter on rush hour or when it’s raining and the traffic is very slow. In this case, the fare should be negotiated in advance.

Tuk-tuk (three-wheeled taxis) have no meter, or air conditioning. It is best to use for short tuktuk thailanddistances. It is essential to discuss the price, often higher than taxis (minimum 30 Baht, maximum 150).
Water taxis
Many water taxis operate on the Chao Phraya River, often to avoid traffic jams in a nice way.

Some are just across the river between Bangkok and Thon Buri. Further along the shore, stopping at fixed points, like the bus.

The prices are very low (5-15 baht).

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