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English temporary visitors entering Thailand for tourism purposes are exempt from visa for stays less than 30 days and only 15 days by land and must possèder a valid passport, more than 6 months after the date of return. The input can be done by air or border crossings with Malaysia (airplane, boat, train, bus, taxi, tourist bus, bike rental) on presentation:

On a transport rule or documents of the vehicle (whether personal or rented vehicle) used to leave the kingdom at the end of the authorized period.

Otherwise, the proof that the owner (or user) of the vehicle leaves the kingdom at the end of the authorized period.thailand visa

Visitors fulfilling the above conditions are exempt from visa. They are not allowed to exceed that period authorized as applicable, except in cases of force majeure (illness, flight delay). If the proposed stay is greater than the authorized stay, it is their responsibility to contact the embassies and consulates of Thailand before leaving their countries.

Validity of visas
All visas are valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

Length of stay
Transit visa: 30 days
Tourist Visa: 60 days
Nonimmigrant visa: 90 days

Note: Check the buffered length of stay on your passport by the immigration officer. Visitors who exceed the authorized date will have to pay, when they left, a penalty for each additional day.

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