Record nominations to the Board of Investment of Thailand

More than 2,000 investment projects worth 1.4 trillion baht was deposited to benefit from the Board of Investment promotional privileges for the month of December 2014, said Ms. Hirunya Sujinai, Secretary General of BOI.
For all of last year, 3,469 investment projects worth 2.1 trillion baht were the subject of an application to the BoI, which is the highest amount in terms of investment value for 50 years.
The number of projects and their value for 2014 represent an increase of 73% and 117% respectively compared to 2013.
Ms. Hirunya attributed the high number of projects to the willingness of investors to invest in Thailand. Apparently foreign investors were not unduly worried by the coup of May 22, and the prolonged absence of democratic elections.
Since the beginning of this year, the new BOI’s investment policy is in force. The new policy no longer encourages activities that have little added value, require intensive work, or involving little technology and / or simple production process. But she promotes new and interesting activities.

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