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The beaches of Phuket, choose a beach in Phuket (Phuket Beach)
Choose beach in Phuket (Phuket beach)
Beaches Phuket Beach
Phuket Beach: the largest island of Thailand, Phuket lists as you can imagine a multitude of beaches. For beginners to the destination, it is not easy to choose a beach in Phuket.
Seaside destination par excellence, Phuket’s beaches have different characteristics and specificities of each other. (Phuket Beach)
If the northern beaches of the island of Phuket are available to ease and quiet clientele (Mai Khao Beach, Surin and Kamala), most of the beaches south of Phuket are more oriented to traditional seaside activities.
Depending on the type of holiday you want, you have to choose your beach in Phuket.

What to know about Phuket before choosing its beach and hotel in Phuket:

Phuket Thailand is a country town where the taxi trips price is exorbitant compared to the rest of the country. You will need to have at least 250 baht for a simple transfer of only 2 km, while for the same price you can make a trip from the city center of Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport (36km)
All hotels however offer a pay shuttle system (around 200 baht per person) for a transfer between the hotel and the center of Phuket (where are concentrated bars, shopping centers and other clubs in the Phuket Island)

The Mai Khao Beach, a haven in Phuket (Phuket Beach)
Mai Khao beaches are protected from all processing related to the seaside tourism industry. Mai Khao (which literally means Bois Blanc) is located in a protected area as well as National Park Nai Yang Park Phuket. (Phuket Beach)
Therefore, very few resorts are present near the Mai Khao Beach. Hotel chains present in Mai Khao are often middle schools see high end. (Anantara, Marriott, Holiday Inn, …)
The beaches of Phuket Mai Khao are ideal to relax, to get away a bit of civilization. (Phuket Beach)

Benefits of Mai Khao Beach (Phuket beach)

Beautiful white sand beach, quiet, quiet, ideal for rest.

Disadvantages of Mai Khao Beach (Phuket beach)

The hotels near Mai Khao are midrange or high-end. Travelers with small budgets can hardly stay in a hotel close to Mai Khao. The sea is sometimes rough. (Phuket Beach)
Recommended for: Beach Mai Khoa is recommended for in solitary quest and calm travelers to rest and sunbathe in peace.

Kamala beach or Kamala beach, a beach with a good balance between calm and nautical activities:
Located in a former fishing village, Kamala Beach is located 2 kilometers lined with coconut trees, small beach restaurants and other small shops. Kamala Beach in Phuket offers a good compromise between serenity and water activities. Kamala offers many activities such as jet skiing, scuba diving, banana … in an idyllic setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards (white sand, blue water, coconut)
On Kamala beach, you will not be bothered by street vendors, unlike the beaches south of Phuket. (Phuket Beach)

The atmosphere of Kamala beach is pretty relaxed.

Benefits of Kamala Beach (Phuket Beach Phuket or range):

Good compromise between quiet seaside activities, several restaurants and beach bars are present in Kamala, diverse offer of hotels you will find both luxury hotels as hotels in Kamala good markets. Blue water of the sea, beautiful beach. Kamala Beach is located near the theme park Phuket Fantasea.

Disadvantages of Kamala Beach (Phuket Beach)

Very few upscale restaurants except the hotel restaurants.

Recommended for calm Research travelers in Phuket:

Beach Kamala Beach is highly recommended to couples and those wanting to stay in a quiet area of Phuket while having access to some attractions. (Phuket Beach)
Kamala is the ideal beach for travelers looking for a quiet beach to sunbathe without unwanted noise of jet-ski.

Surin Beach, the preferred range of Thais at the weekend:
Just like Kamala, Surin Beach in Phuket is peaceful and has not suffered accidental tourist development. Surin Bay is fully lined with pine trees that offer shade and a place to shelter in sunny weather. Surin beach also offers good conditions for surfing and snorkeling (diving snorkel). The current and sea may be agitated in Surin. Surin Beach is the favorite place for Thais to relax on weekends.

Benefits of Surin Beach:
Beautiful beach lined with pine trees, ideal climatic conditions for surfing and diving. Quiet beach. Presence restaurants specializing in seafood.
Disadvantages of Surin Beach:
Rough sea, popular beach on weekends.
Recommended for travelers looking for place to surf in Phuket:
Surin Beach is strongly recommended for surfers, travelers and fans of seafood.

Kata Beach, a beach for surfers in Phuket (Phuket beach)
Kata Beach is characterized by rough seas. In low season, it is even dangerous to bathe as the waves are strong and powerful currents. This done, Kata Beach (Phuket Kata Beach) has become a favorite with surfers in Phuket. A surfing competition is held annually on the same Kata Beach in Phuket. (Phuket Beach)
Some bars are present in Kata Beach but it is far from bars vices of Patong Beach.

Benefits of Kata Beach:
Beautiful white sandy beach, good choice of hotels, restaurants, shops and bars. Ideal beach for surfers. Near minigolf Dino Park, Kata view point which offers a beautiful panoramic view of the three bays of Phuket.

Disadvantages of Kata Beach (Phuket Beach)
Rough sea.

Recommended for travelers looking for place to surf in Phuket:
The Kata is highly recommended to surfers, couples, and travelers wishing to stay in an area offering a good compromise between tranquility and nightlife.

Patong Beach, the place of perdition Phuket (Phuket Beach Phuket or range):
Patong Beach Phuket is famous for its night life with all the excesses and defects that result. (Clubbing, go-go bars …) So, Patong Beach attracts a high concentration of tourists mostly men, Patong is also become a favorite seaside destination of young suburbs. Patong is full of cheap hotels, restaurants, and shops of nights boxes.
The beach also offers all kinds of noisy water sports (jet skis, lift bags …)

Benefits of Patong Beach:

Wide choice of hotels, restaurants, shops, bars and nightclubs. Nightlife.

Disadvantages of Patong Beach (Phuket Beach)
Prostitution presence rather too lively attendance.
Recommended for travelers looking for place to party in Phuket:
The Kata is highly recommended to young travelers wishing to party in Phuket.

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