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Hotel Thailand: Choosing the right hotel

Choosing a good hotel contribute 80% to the success of your trip to Thailand.
For any traveler who respects a good hotel, it is located in Thailand, the United States and China, it is primarily a combination of good service, comfortable and beautifully decorated rooms offering good value / prices and adequate infrastructure.

If most of Thailand hotels offer a swimming pool, a gym or a spa, not everyone has a good location.
If the rental outside the city center has very little importance to travelers on the seafront, this does not hold true when it is in a great megalopolis like Bangkok.
The criteria for choosing a hotel in Thailand are not the same as it is located in Koh Lanta or Bangkok. (hotels Thailand)
In Bangkok, the preferred proximity to a subway station BTS, while in seaside, will be promoted over a hotel with direct access to the beach.

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