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Synonymous with prostitution, Pattaya makes no concession to the industry that supports it. Clubs gogo dancers, massage parlors and bars Americans are the heart of the city, next to which the red light districts of Bangkok are role models reduced province. The city is only slightly less creepy in the day, when families Russian and Eastern European and land a charter outnumber drag queens in stilettos. Bangkok residents have recently made their Pattaya pattaya beachdestination for the weekend. They take their dinner by the sea, dry feet, welcoming the significant price difference and the transparency of the water compared to Hua Nin. Does this mean that it Sin City (Sin City) is becoming the city where everyone can find something? Not really, but the public health begin to make their way through the vice (let us be skeptical).

The city is built around Ao Pattaya, a large crescent-shaped bay, which was one of the first resorts in Thailand in the 1960s. The entire surrounding area is now a major business hub in Thailand Bay, once the site fishing and swimming became an industrial area. Some came from Thai province continue to swim but we do not recommend it because the water is far from clean. By cons, walk the waterfront provides a beautiful shaded path along the coast.

The optimists say that Jomtien, south of the city center, is a rather friendly neighborhood. It is true, there are fewer bars striptease, but apart from that, Jomtien is far from picturesque, it also houses a number of hotels and restaurants of poor quality. North Pattaya (Pattaya Nua) is. in transforming itself by imitating Bangkok with its towers of apartments, hotels for business travelers respectable.pattaya

Where to stay in PATTAYA?

You are a tourist “alternative” Pattaya is to say not a sex tourist or a tourist tour? So avoid the center of Pattaya and choose Naklua, Jomtien and Pattaya Neua neighborhoods. Even if you do not want to see Pattaya one night here is to consider if you transfer to the airport. Suvarhabhumi, 110 km from here, and do not want to make a night stopover in Bangkok.


In counterpoint to the notorious debauchery of the city, is located in Pattaya a network of charities established. Father Ray Brennan, an American priest of the Order of Redemptorists, who died in 2003, was one of many volunteers who have worked here. He bequeathed six charitable programs supervised by the Redemptorist Foundation. He is also the founder of the orphanage and school for the deaf in Pattaya, both now under the leadership of the Catholic Diocese. Their success is due to the generosity of benefactors and volunteers.COMMITTEE FOR CHARITY , pattaya

( It was founded in the 1970s after a impoverished parishioner had entrusted her baby’s father Ray. The first child was the beginning of a long series, amplified by word-of-mouth that the priest could address the unintended consequences due to the U.S. military presence in the region during the Vietnam conflict. Today, the hotel welcomes young orphans affected by modern plagues (poverty, drugs, HIV / AIDS) and helps find adoptive families. If you want to help the orphanage, you can pay the price of a meal, donate useful items or offer a little of your time.

( This foundation runs schools for the blind and disabled, as well as a home and a shelter for street children, most of whom come from industry infantile sexual Pattaya. The foundation also runs a daycare center for children of workers, thus avoiding to accompany their parents on dangerous sites. Volunteers are spread over different centers to teach English, which occupy children through fun activities and art projects. Applicants must be willing to commit to a minimum of 6 months. If you are interested, contact the foundation that will give you the accompanying booklet for volunteers.

If you lack the time, but you want to contribute otherwise, take a trip to, a library which benefits charitable fund medical treatment for the poor, orphanages and school uniforms.

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