Accessible only by winding mountain roads or uncertain flight to the capital, the province of Mae Hong Son is the most isolated country. Although she knew one decade miniboom many tourist resorts have opened around the city, few visitors venture beyond Pai.

Mae Hong Son Mae Hong Son

Surrounded by mountains, the distant Mae Hong Son is the image that many travelers are a northern town. The Burmese influence and a palpable atmosphere of border town reinforce this image, which disturbs virtually no tick-hilum or reel. However, Mae Hong Son is not uncharted territory, there are organized tours for years and its potential in terms of activities, spa treatments trekking, ensures that your visit will be nothing standard.

Mae Hong Son is particularly attractive from November to March. Cold nights are the only drawback of the cool season planning sweater, socks and sleeping bags or blankets. During the rainy season (June to October), the scarcity of paved roads makes difficult journeys in the most remote corners of the province. During the warm season, the valley of the Mae Nam Pai smoke fills the clearing.

LOOP MAE HONG SONMae Hong Son , north thailand

One of the circuits in the most popular motorcycle in northern Thailand is the loop from Chiang Mai through the province of Mae Hong Son along its entire length before returning – a path near 000 km.

The Mae Hong Son loop begins 34 km north of Chiang Mai, when you turn on Rte 1095 to negotiate the first of 1864 turns. Progress is slow and climb almost immediately. This route offers many possibilities of steps, with cities with good hotels and restaurants within 70 km of each other. Pai, 130 km from Chiang Mai, then Soppong, 40 km, and Mae Hong Son, 65 km, are staging practices for one night.

Arriving at Khun Yuam, 70 km south of Mae Hong Son, two choices are available: either take Rte 1263 to Mae Chaem and return to Chiang Mai via Doi Inthanon, the highest point of the country, or continue south to Mae Sariang and follow Rte 108 all the way to Chiang Mai via Hot, this last route, the distances between the cities are bigger and better have a powerful motorcycle and comfortable .

Available in most bookstores in Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son Loop Guide Map of Golden Triangle Rider is an excellent map which accurately indicates the distances between communities, the possible detours and other useful information.

Trekking and river cruises

The situation in Mae Hong Son to the edge of the mountainous jungle makes it an excellent base for treks. The trekking is not as developed elsewhere and visitors ready to walk in the mud discover nature is practically untouched and isolated villages. Several travel agencies organize treks and pensions.

Trips long-tail boat on the nearby Mae Pai becoming increasingly popular and are offered by the same tour operators and pensions. Clas ¬ sical most from Tha Pong Daeng, 4 km southwest of Mae Hong Son. The boats travel 15 km downstream to Huay Pu Keng village women “long neck” and calling at the border town of Ban Nam Phiang Din, 20 km embarca ¬ siders before returning . It takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Ban Nam Phiang Din and 1000 B by boat, with a maximum of 8 passengers.

The treks of several days cost from 1,000 B per person per day for 2 participants. As elsewhere in Thailand, the daily rate drops significantly depending on the size of the group and the duration of the trek.


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