Net reversal of Thai rice exports

Thailand exported a total of 10.8 million tonnes of rice in 2014, with a value of 5.37 billion according to figures from the Commerce Minister Chatchai Sarigalaya.
Thai rice exports in 2014 recorded an increase of 64% in terms of quantity and 22% in value compared to the 6.6 million tonnes exported in 2013 to a value of 4.42 billion.Thai  Rice
2015 provides the Minister for rice exports a number between 10 and 11 million tonnes.
Global rice production this year was estimated at 475.2 million tonnes, a decrease of 0.3% compared to 476.9 million tonnes last year due to the decline in rice production Thailand, India, Japan, Pakistan, Egypt, Sri Lanka and Nigeria.
Rice consumption this year was estimated at 482.9 million tonnes, 7.7 million tonnes more than production. Therefore, the volume of exports this year, estimated at 41.92 million tonnes, will be the highest in history.
Several rice-importing countries such as China, Iran, Nigeria and the Philippines are expected to increase their imports of rice this year, said General Chatchai.
According to the latest estimates published by the TDRI (Thailand Development Research Institute), the losses of the previous Thai government under the subsidized price for rice purchases could amount to a trillion baht (about 24.4 billion euros ).

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