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When travelers evoke the beauty of the Andaman coast, they think likely to Krabi, where karst formations surround the coast such a huge limestone fortress. Climbers find their happiness in Railay, while Robinson apprentices choose one of 150 islands that seem to float off sandy coastline, such as Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi.Krabi-Thailand

Krabi is situated between majestic cliffs protruding karst formation that arise in mangroves. In town, you will be impressed by the number of pensions and travel agencies that flourish in this compact town. Western restaurants are everywhere, as well as souvenir shops, selling all the same trinkets. By cons, if you take the time to explore, you will discover the authentic provincial life that takes place there.

Most points of interest are located in the so leaving from Th Utarakit, the main artery of Krabi.

Located 8 km northwest of Krabi, Wat Tham Seua (Temple of the Tiger Cave) is a comprehensive set of temple caves. This is a nice release on the day. We join the most interesting part of the field along a path through a wooded valley behind the ridge where the bblet (sanctuary central). Several limestone caves contain representations of Buddha statues and altars. Sometimes a troop of monkeys are heard in the trees. Near the park entrance, you have to climb steep steps 1237 to a peak of 600 m high, where you can admire a statue of krabi beachBuddha, a golden stupa and a spectacular view. Count the go 100 B moto-taxi or tuc-tuc from Krabi. Be sure to wear suitable dress that covers the shoulders and knees.

 Accommodation in Krabi:

There are numerous quality pensions in Krabi, but if you prefer luxury, you should go to Ao Nang.

A number of activities are available to you in Ao Nang, and children under 12 years receive a 50% discount.


Certainly, you will not be too homesick, but Ao Nang is nevertheless a pleasant seaside town, entirely devoted to tourism. The limestone headlands fringed beaches are connected by a narrow strip of white sand. During the dry season, the turquoise sea lapping serenely. During the rainy season, the waves move funds browns. If you want to swim in crystal clear water all Krabi-beach ao nangyear round, you can easily organize an outing m to m one of the islands that dot the horizon.

Ao Nang is compact and it is easy to get oriented.


Several companies offer kayak tours in mangroves and the surrounding islands, including the attractive lagoon Ko Hong (1500 B 1800 B), where you can see collection points nesting terns ( ingredient of bird’s nest soup). You can also visit Ao Thalane (half day / day 500/800 B), its high cliffs and mangroves sheltering a variety of wildlife, and Ban Bho Tho, the sea caves are decorated with cave paintings dating from 2000 to 3 000 years (demi-journée/journée 700/900 B). Lunch, fruit, water, sea kayak and guide services are included in the rates.

beach of krabi

Diving and snorkeling

Many diving schools organized ¬ feels trips to the surrounding islands, including Ko Si, Ko Ha, Bon Yava Yava and Son (3200 B 2 dives). With two underwater tunnels fringed with corals and soft corals, Koh Mae Urai is one of the most beautiful dive sites in the region. Longer cruises lead to King Cruiser (4700 B 3 dives) and Ko Phi Phi (3900 B 2 dives).



The beautiful Krabi limestone formations reach their climax in Railay (or Rai Leh), ultimate playground for all climbers. Beautiful sandy beaches complete this little corner of paradise. Despite the proximity to the tourist bustle of Ao Nang, the atmosphere is very relaxed.climbing_railey_beach

At the eastern end of Hat Phra Nang, Tham Phra Nang Cave (Princess) is an important sanctuary for local fishermen. Legend has it that a third century BC. BC a royal barge carrying an Indian princess sank during a storm. The spirit of the princess fled to the cave, carrying out the wishes of those who came to pay homage. Local fishermen, both Muslim and Buddhist to put the phallus carved in wood in the hope that the spirit gives them an abundant catch.

Roughly halfway between the path Hat Rai Leh East and Hat Phra Nang is the start of a difficult path up along the cliff covered with tropical vegetation to the lagoon hidden His Phra Nang (Basin Princess St.). From the top of the cliff, close, unfolds spectacular views of the peninsula. This short hike is difficult and not recommended for those prone to vertigo.

Another large cave called Tham Phra Nang Nal (Inner Cave of the Princess; adult / child 40/20 B, 8 5h-20h), also known as Diamond Cave overlooks Hat Rai Lei East. A boardwalk through a series of caves filled with bright beautiful limestone formations. However, due to changes in rainfall, there is more water and thus more reflections that earned them the nickname of diamond. They still worth the detour.

EscalationKrabi  thailand

It is not surprising that, with some 500 routes pitonnées all levels, these incredible cliffs, with stunning panoramas, among the climbing sites most popular in the world. We could spend several months on site for exploring, what are also many travelers. The new trend is to solo free climbing on walls overlooking the sea: if you fall, you do not risk anything, even beginners can try.

Most climbers begin with Muay Thai and Wall One, Two. Three Wall, at the southern tip of Hat Rai Leh East, with at least 40 channels from level 4b at 8b. At the south end of Hat Rai Leh West, impressive Thaiwand Wall, a steep limestone cliff, offers some of the climbing routes most sports.

Among other beautiful walls, we find Hidden World (conventional routes for grim ¬ fears intermediaries), the Wee’s Present Wall (a wonderful way 7c +), Diamond Cave (a classic beginner and intermediate) and Ao Nang Tower (wall on 3 sides, accessible only by boat long tall).Climbing in Krabi

It takes 000 B 800-1 for a half-day and 1 500-2 000 B for the whole day. Packages of 3 days (6000 B) include rock climbing head (the first climber attaches the equipment to the wall pitons). Experienced climbers can rent equipment (1 rope 60 m, 2 harnesses and climbing shoes) in a school climbing through 800/1 300 B half-day / day, but if you plan to climb by you itself, it is better to bring your own equipment. Remember to take a number of slings and quickdraws, magnesia and some nuts and cams cam that will give you extra protection on some channels pitonnées. If you forgot something, some climbing schools sell imported material, but they will not necessarily have your size or style desired. A rattan mat will help keep your equipment safe from sand.

Water sports and other activities

Several dive centers Railay organize excursions to Ko Poda and other spots. Count 2000 B for 2 dives to neighboring islands and 12,000 B for a PADI course 3 or 4 days.

Snorkeling trips to Ko Poda, Isle chickens and beyond can be arranged through any hotel for about 1800 B (max 6 people), or you can hire a long- tail boat (demi-journée/journée 1700/2 200 B) on the beach at Hat Railay West. For just snorkel around Railay, most hotels rent masks and fins 100-150 B and one other.

The Flame Tree Restaurant (Hat Rai Leh West) rents kayaks (200 B / 800 B or hours / day). You can arrange tours from 2 days to deserted islands with boat owners, but you must provide your own camping equipment and meals.


Railay:railay thailand

Railay is surrounded by beaches and a rocky 4, Hat Rai Leh East Hat Rai Leh West Hat Phra Nang headland and is a 5 minute walk from each other. Hat Ton Sai is more isolated, and access to other beaches is in long-silent boat (50 B) or after 20 minutes of hard walk through cliffs from Hat Railay West.

– Hat Rai Leh East beach is the most developed. Bay, shallow and muddy, is lined with mangroves. It is not really suitable for swimming, but is home to many hotels and pensions, and headlands and limestone cliffs are majestic.

Hat Rai Leh West is a beautiful stretch of white sand and the best place to swim, play football or watch a sunset. Mid-Range hotels, tastefully decorated along the beach where the long-silent boats liaise with Ao Nang.

– Hat Phra Nang is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with its language of white sand framed by cliffs where karst caves are dug. The limestone islets that link out of the azure sea are Ko Hua Khwan (Island hens) and Poda Island. The Rayavadee is the only hotel on the beach (and the smarter of the peninsula), but the beach is open to all.

– Hat Ton Sai is a haven for rock climbers. The beach is rather plain, but many climbing routes are located nearby. Bars and bungalows are nestled in the jungle behind the beach. The atmosphere is good.

– The Railay headland is windy and has been developed more recently, he looks more wild with plantations, jungle and hospitable people. To get there, you have to walk 500 m from Hat Rai Leh.


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