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Ko Tao or Koh Tao is an island in the Gulf of Thailand about 70 kilometers from the coast between Surat Thani and Chumphon. His name, whose origin is controversial, means “Turtle Island”. According to some this is due to the island’s profile, according to others, the presence (old) from many turtles reproduce on its beaches. The population of Koh Tao is estimated at 1,500 people1 in 2011.

This island royal property has long been a penitentiary. Making use of the sea defense against breakouts. Then, the abandoned prison project, the land was “loaned” to families coming for most of Chumphon, and thousands of coconut trees were planted. Families still on the island have now ceased to carry coconut industrially, and those who benefited from an opening on the sea began to receive tourists very briefly in the 1990s.

Koh Tao is now a the Mecca of diving. Its fishing waters are of great clarity, and many cheap diving schools attract tourists from around the world.

Koh Tao is initially an uninhabited island, only a few occasional fishermen surrounding islands, come to find shelter in bad weather or find some rest before continuing on their way. According to old maps and different descriptions, it appears that the island was known by European cartographers and sailors under the name “Pulo Bardia.” Old maps show a series of three islands aligned north-south and extending the east coast of the Malay Peninsula. The smallest and northernmost of the islands is noted Pulo Bardia, the name will remain until early 1900. The best example of card and that of John Thornton in the book from 1701, “The English Pilot, the Third Book “, but the map of the Gulf of Thailand is dated around 1677. with modern precision standards, the islands at the time geotagged very archaic manner.

From 1933, the island was used as a political prison. In 1947 Khuang Aphaiwong, Prime Minister of the time, pleaded and received a royal pardon for all prisoners on the island. Everyone Fu brought on the coast of Surat Thani and Turtle Island Fu again abandoned. Abandonment is short-lived, because in the same year, Khun Ueam and his twin brother Khun Oh reached Koh Tao from the neighboring island of Koh Phangan trying their traditional sailboat, through a long and dangerous journey.


Snorkeling – Whether you dive or not, you can visit the reefs of the island Mask Snorkel Fins (LMP Snorkeling or English). You can do this join the DJL boat, take a taxi boat for a day or half a day, or just go to one of the bays suitable for this activity as Shark Bay south of Koh Tao.
Scuba diving – Apnea Total or Good Times Adventures, including proposing to introduce you to Big Blue. An activity that is both accessible (the scope for growth is huge in the beginning) and sharp for those who want to explore the different sea and be yourself.
Our dive from cliffs – Remember the big rocks James Bond in Thailand! Certainly they were on the west side of the country but we have the same here. A fun activity generally integrated in a full day of various activities (climbing walk etc.).
Kayak – If you like to walk on the water, the kayak rental is possible to visit the odds at your pace. To your oars!
Wake boarding – and other water activities …
Day on Koh Nangyuan – Two small islands nearby Koh Tao, a bit of sand connecting them sometimes ideal beach overlooking the sea in the north and south. You can borrow a boat Lomprayah or taxi to get there. The entry is now charged 100 baht and drinks, available only from the local resort there are very (very) expensive, yet the place is ideal for an afternoon sunbathing.

On earth (or almost):

… Walking and running – Walk simple stroll or even small expedition Mango Bay and its infernal stairs. You can easily outside the box by visiting the bays to the west of Koh Tao for example, or the north. In any event, do not forget cap, camera, comfortable shoes and especially water! For runners, Sairee Beach is a safe bet, preferred activity in the morning or in the evening around 17-18h to escape the dodger.
Climbing – Koh Tao is a little forest of Fontainebleau with its multiple layered rocks everywhere, that invite you to visit them. There are also real natural walls where to practice both your climbing skills of recall.
Keystone – Always wanted to circus school but your parents had other plans? Want a personal challenge? This is possible only on Koh Tao in the village of Sairee.
Volley Ball – On the beach, in the sea, between palm trees, you will find a good game you join.
Sepak Takraw – Virtually national sport in Thailand, imagine a small ball very hard football, a volleyball net and a few native exchanging the first kicks in that better-better. Good luck!
Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong – Many courses, especially yoga, are open on the island. Generally multi-level, you can also select a specific course or explore the practice of Qi Gong or Tai Chi. The special energy of the island is particularly well suited to such activities.
Petanque – It’s possible! Just ask the good places to Patrice Cappuccino coffee Mae Had!
Bowling, Minigolf – Yes, there is a miniature on Koh Tao! You can try the same place at Bowling tropical Koh Tao.
Moto Cross – There Koh Tao private land dedicated to this activity. If you really want to test the thing, I’m sure you outrepasserez obstacles such as getting a motorcycle and its equipment, find the owner, sympathize with him and eventually started.
Weight Training, Pilates … – Some rooms have open by providing some machines pain, ideal if you want to enjoy your vacation for you redo the abs or just maintain them, including Thai boxing stadium near the Asia Resort.
Thai boxing – You can learn Thai boxing professionals in the company of the island. If you stay longer, you can even throw in a real fight in the special ambience of a Thai boxing stadium. Cards, dice, chess, checkers, tic tac toe – If ever Thai boxing really is not your thing.
Internet, TV5 Monde – It is possible. The Asia Resort rooms offer including TV5 Monde. Above all, you will find cafes everywhere by providing a Wifi hotspot (including the Asia restaurant) if you have your laptop with you, or Internet cafes offering computers and better throughput. The rate is generally 2 baht per minute, often with a minimum use period of 20 minutes.
Aperitif – Depending on the season, it is likely to begin before nightfall. The Asia bar is a safe bet to start the evening with your instructors and dive buddies. A list of places to meet for a drink.

Massage, spa, acupuncture …

If the preceding paragraph has left you some aches, now is the time for pure relaxation. Thailand is well known for its massages. You may be surprised by the intensity of Thai massage, so do not hesitate to ask for softness advantage in your explorations to find the best show of the island. I can if you wish indicating several tracks.
Thai massage, oil, back and shoulders or full, delicious foot massage etc. You will inevitably find your happiness among all the local know-how.
If you wish, true modern Spas offer more comprehensive benefits in half a day … well treat yourself and pamper. You’re on vacation!
Finally, remember that the best massages are fasting.


You will find on Koh Tao culinary offer can satisfy any gourmet. Kitchen basic or refined Thai delicious flavors found in a small shop or upscale restaurant and European leader, meats, pastas, pizzas, tapas, etc. gratin, supply is bloated.
Do not hesitate to alpaguer your way for you to restore a Divemaster internship-going among us who can tell you all gastronomic discoveries.
You can find a first list of restaurants on this page (and translation). Please note it is only here for a list of established sites, do not hesitate to enrich yourself by exploring the culinary side of Koh Tao!

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