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The three most beautiful islands of Thailand are located in the Gulf of Thailand: Ko Samui, Ko Pha-Ngan and Ko Tao. Millions of tourists come here every year, attracted by the soft sandy beaches and turquoise waters. These islands are like family Ko Samui which is the elder sister,Koh_Samui , thailand with a keen business sense as its paces casual. Its institutions are set as plush Swiss cuckoo and butlers bend over backwards to meet every whim of clients. Ko Pha Ngan is the youngest-rebellious, wearing dreadlocks and a penchant for naps in hammocks and parties until the end of the night. Ko Tao is the youngest, amateur activities purveyors of thrills, such as diving and snorkeling.

Travelers wishing to calmer find their happiness in a small archipelago of islands not far from miniature. In this realm of shades of green and blue called the National Marine Park Ang Thong, life is a delight.

At first glance, one might take Ko Samui for a giant floating golf course in the Gulf of Thailand. The greens are well maintained, many bunkers, plus one or two water obstacles for good measure. Mature men strutting, wearing white shirts that contrast with their red faces, followed by employees on their business. But Samui is not a country club – if you look a little closer, we find food stalls, street parties, jet-setters, Buddhist temples and huts discrete backpacker installed a little piece of quiet beach.koh samui beach

Ko Samui lets you choose the style of adventure that suits you. Sea view, daily massage, valet staff? Here are the keys to your villa with pool. You want to clean your aura? Take place for a yoga session before your massage in the afternoon. You’ve come to the party? Watch yourself on the beach among tourists soaked in whiskey.

Behind the machine entertainment, the island offers visitors a glimpse of the curious local life. Chinese merchants of Hainan Island were among the first inhabitants of Samui and today their descendants form a small community that can see behind the veneer of tourism.

Ko Samui is big enough – the road that circles the island is almost 100 km.

RANGE CHAWENGchaweng-beach, koh samui

This is the most popular site of Samui, and the longest and most beautiful beach I1e. The sand is soft and amazingly clear waters, given the number of boats and swimmers. Photo enthusiasts prefer the southern part of the beach with beautiful views over the hills of the north.


Chaweng beach hotels:


The longest beach on the island is the most built. Prices are rising rapidly, and a small commercial area located behind the main beach, assembles restaurants, souvenir shops, bars and nightclubs. The beach is really beautiful.koh samui, chaweng beach


Chaweng, has miles of beaches and bungalows (70 complexes). Take the time to make your choix.A the north, the prices of most hotels in Ko Samui arrow ¬ lonnent between 400 and 1000 B in simple bungalows with bathroom Cheaper than Chaweng hotels located further south, they have the advan ¬ tage of being located far enough ¬ discotheques center of Chaweng and their fragrance musical.


Lamai hotels:lamai-beach , koh samui


This is the most popular beach after Chaweng, with travelers. The prices are slightly lower and there is not (yet) luxury establishments. As Chaweng, the beach was developed by sectors. A long central area is flanked roughest areas. Regular reports are reports of assaults and robberies. Watch your valuables – put them in a safe place at your hotel reception Lamai. The north-western end of the beach has the advantage of being quieter and less costly in terms of accommodation.

Maenam hotels:maenam beach , koh samui

14 km from Nathon, Mae Nam, the cheapest place on the island is experiencing a proliferation of budget bungalows, but every hotel Maenam is different depending on its location on the beach.


Hotels in Bophut

Near the village of Bo Phut is a succession of bungalows in all price ranges.bophut beach kohsamui

The Bo Phut Beach is known for its peace and tranquility., Hotels Bo Phut retain a village atmosphere.






One week to explore these beautiful islands, it is too little. But if this is all you have, we recommend that you start by making a stop on a secluded beaches of the east or west of Ko Pha-Ngan island to experience a dream. For the rest of the week, you have the choice between fair and festival in Hat Rin, pamper yourself in Ko Samui or diving in Ko Tao.


Start by Ko Tao. It takes three and a half day course for the Open Water certificate (if you already have your degree, you can enroll directly in diving operations). Then whisked away to Ko Pha-Ngan, where life socially in full swing in festive Hat Rin. Embark on a long-silent boat to join u hidden bays of the island and enjoy a few days of detox and contemplation, quiet. Take the direction of Ko Samui. You can try a boutique hotel in Bo Phut, unless you prefer to taste the life of a rock star on the beaches of Chaweng and Choeng Mon. If you have a little time, we advise you to visit the National Marine Park Ang Thong.


Follow the route of two weeks to a more leisurely pace, with additional sessions lazing on the beaches of the three islands. Arrange your trip to coincide with the full moon party on Ko Pha-Ngan.

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