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The island is 200km south-east of Bangkok, in the province of Rayong.

Go to Ko Samet

From Bangkok, we arrive at Ban Phe (Nuanthip) in 2h30 by direct bus (company CHERD Chai Tower) from the Southern Bus Station Ekamai (skytrain station: Ekamai)

Ekamai Pier No. 13 – Bangkok to Ban Phe – 124 Baht – every day from 5 am to 20h30 – every hour.

Once in Ban Phe, think to buy the ticket for the return, especially if the return is a late weekend. Then win the 100m pier Nuanthip office CHERD Chai Tower, behind the covered market.

The boat ticket is sold on board the bus, from Bangkok from 100 to 200 baht (A / R) according to the distance covered; still need to know where to go on the island …

The crossing to Koh Samet, the boat is waiting to be full enough (7 to 20 passengers). Opportunity to make an accommodation reservation has Nuanthip, next counters that sell boat tickets: we present you pictures of bungalows and pavilions.

Nuanthip Pier: 03.865.1508 – 03.865.1514 – Fax: 03.865.1513

Access to the island requires the payment of the entrance fee to the National Park (200 baht).

The “jungle” of Koh Samet dirt road between Wong Duan and Phrao

It circulates in the island through the ‘jungle’ in the motorcycle rental or songtew.
Example: Ao Ao Phai-Vonguean (2km) = 30B per person from the vehicle when it is filled (start beside the police station to Ao Vonguean).

For the trip back to Bangkok, where there is more space or more cars, we must return to the bus station in Rayong, with a songthew (200B package to share with several passengers) and take a bus to Bangkok.

Hotels and guesthouses Ko Samet

According to the crowds it is not always necessary to book in advance (preferable from November and weekends). Choose housing away from the beach on the weekend because Thais love the outdoor karaoke (up to 23h) and rattan ball game (takraw) on the beach early in the morning (7 am).

Several restaurants on the beach of Ao Vongdeuan or bamboo tables have to be built even at the beach, the food being cooked in front of customers or in the kitchen: watch the number of customers and how to cook, this will help you in your choice a restaurant. Frozen fish stalls show, giant prawns and shellfish sold by weight and selecting, as the method of preparation (grilled, poached, Ebouillanté, BBQ …). The fire of charcoal. The Malibu Garden in the center of the beach was good.
Our favorite: coconut shake the coconut still coated her green matrix. BBQ (barbecue) in the evening only.
Finally, do not forget that dogs freedoms satisfy their needs including the beach (good point for many islands).


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