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For a long time, Koh Phangan is a favorite place for revelers around the world. And they continue, even today, to gather in droves to participate in the various festivals that made her famous, like that of the full moon that occurs every month for 20 years on the beach of Haad Rin.

But Koh Phangan magic that it is also ideal for those seeking tranquility of the tropics in a natural environment remained. The island has, in fact, calm and wild places that will remind you of Koh Samui there … With 15 years, if you feel like it, a touch of luxury, some hotels offering for some time only, new services, such as swimming pool, air-conditioned room or even the SPA, the closer to the hotel standards of Koh Samui …

Like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan has many beautiful beaches of white sand along its coastline, some of which are still accessible only by boat. But it differs from its big sister by his large mountainous jungle occupying the center of the island, much of which is also classified as a “national park” by Thailand. This protection for almost half of its surface allows it to maintain its natural character and pristine, and especially to avoid disfigurement of its beautiful scenery by excess constructions.

Whether you like the beach or jungle, the silence of a lost creek or sound bars and parties, Koh Phangan will satisfy you and will find you, certainly, place both wanted for your holiday dreams.


December to February

The cool season – this is the best season to visit the archipelago, sunny but not too hot with little chance of rain.

From March to June

The hot season – it is very hot (up to 40 ° C (114 ° F), with little or no precipitation At this time, you will enjoy the air conditioning in your hotel room.!

Between July and September

The pre-monsoon – it’s hot with passing showers. More or less time depending on the beautiful years. September seems best.

October and November

the rainy season – the monsoon, that is when it rains the most, even if rainfall is not daily and can be very beautiful. It may be advisable to have all the same rain cape for outings …

Koh Phangan’s history dates back to over 2000 years and the first visitors were Malaysian sailors, sea gypsies, coming from the Malay Peninsula, but its history really began 600 years ago with the arrival of a group of monks, impressed by the energy of the island, they built the first temple. They were joined much later, there are only 200 years by Chinese immigrants who settled and made the trade of coconut and the exploitation of tin mines (Laem Son Lake).
But the story of Koh Phangan is prestigious as directly related to the royal family, and the people are proud of. Indeed, long before tourists, His Majesty King Rama V (1868-1910) discovered the beauty of Koh Phangan and had been there 14 times, notament falls Than Sadet where we can see the royal initials engraved on a rock. Rama VI, Rama VII and Rama IX (now king) it also traveled several times.
But for 20 years, the island has become a favorite holiday destination and people have changed their rural lifestyle to get to the tourist rate.

Thong Sala is the administrative capital of the island. All government offices and banks are installed. Different boats and ferry companies priests Samui and Tao islands and the mainland also have their pier. It is also here that the “VIP bus” from 999 to Bangkok. It is located in the southwest, 15 km from Haad Rin and 10km from Chaloklum.
Visit our Transport Koh Phangan for information on companies and all schedules.
If you want to shop is the best place on Koh Pha Ngan. The shops are similar to Haad Rin, but their prices are more moderate. It is also held here daily local market where Resorts come to buy. See our Shopping section Koh Phangan for more information on purchases.
For fans, the sunset from the port is just gorgeous.

Koh Phangan has beautiful beaches all along its coastline. Apart from the great beaches of Bantai and Bankai southwest, most of the other beaches of Koh Phangan are small or medium coves such as the famous Haad Rin or Thong nai pan recluse. Wherever they are, long or small, they are all white sand. Each is different from the others and has its own charm. If you want more information on these beaches with pictures and their location on the island, visit our special page Beaches of Koh Phangan.

Koh Phangan now offers a variety of accommodation. From the simplest to the most sophisticated in the sea or in the jungle, unearth your resort area according to your desires and your purse.

Although much has changed since the first hippies who laid their sandals on the island, Koh Phangan is very far from the level of development of Koh Samui. Here, the evolution is slower and can still (for how long) see almost identical bungalows that they were there fifteen years with the life that goes with it. But rest assured, Koh Phangan is “all-terrain”, after all, and you will have no trouble get yourself a small bungalow on the beach less than 200 baht, as well as a few tens of cottage dollars at the pool of one of the luxury Resorts recently built at Ban Tai, Haad Rin Haad Salad, Haad Yao and Thong Nai Pan.
You can, once there, walk along the beach of your choice and “hunt” to find a bungalow to your taste or, make your selection now by choosing your accommodation from our selection of bungalows Resorts and even book online through our secure payment system. To do this, visit our page dedicated to Hotels & Bungalows in Koh Phangan. If you prefer to rent an apartment instead of staying at the hotel, many homes are now available for rent on Koh Phangan, on the beach, with sea or under the palms.

In Koh Phangan, bars and restaurants abound, offering flavors increasingly international with increasing quality over the years.
Many bungalows along the coast have a restaurant that offers quality food, but nothing prevents you from going out to taste the specialties served with care by the various restaurants located throughout the island.

You can as well enjoy a delicious Thai curry with seafood as you feast on a sumptuous couscous, a sauce or stew in an Indian thali way, obviously by traditional Italian pizza.

Whatever you are looking for, you’ll have no trouble finding it in Thong Sala and Haad Rin shops, or the recently opened stores along the main road.
Whether you want the latest CDs or DVDs, memorabilia, from simple to chic sarongs teak furniture, various gadgets, beach games or video games with the use of sites that boost your Overwatch ranking, electronics, clothes to go partying or relax on the beach, get a tattoo or piercing, buy jewelry, silver, gold, classic or piercing, you will find your happiness here! For wooden souvenirs from Thailand we recommend Chiang Mai Art Deco Thong Sala, on the corner of Main Street and the street leading to Chaloklum, near the SamuiPhanganProperties real estate agency.
Not forgetting, of course, hammocks, you will undoubtedly great use during your stay …
Shops are open day and close around 19h, except some in Haad Rin open all night.

Nightlife … Is not that what makes the island of success? Memorable holidays, in the jungle or on the beach and “afters” even more memorable! It is well known in Koh Phangan, Samui than wanting a true “party” come HERE ..


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