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In the family of islands in the southern Gulf of Thailand, Ko Pha-Ngan extends into the crystal clear waters between Ko Samui, its commercial big brother, and little Ko Tao, the youngest spunky, a magnet for divers. Ko Phangan is quieter and combines beach, relaxation, serenity and a penchant for late nights and bikini-parties to the pool.Koh-Phangan-Thailand

The panoramic promontory of Hat Rin has long been the most popular destination of this paradise. Sunrise Beach began. accommodate parties of the world famous full moon long before The Beach Alex Garland do not skyrocket sales of backpacks. Today, thousands of people continue to live in this unique musical experience to fuel the adrenaline and some other substances.

In good girl, the island does not know what she will do when she grows up. The party should it continue without ceasing, or the incredible northern beaches, yet isolated, will they come out of the shadow of Hat Rin?

If the reputation and the relaxed atmosphere of Ko Pha-Ngan remain its dominant features for a few years, the island is quietly trying to move upmarket. Each year, tired old shacks are replaced by modern homes. A Hat Rin, you’ll struggle to find a place on Sunrise Beach less than 1 000 B. Soon, private pools and personal valets become essential in the vocabulary of the island. But do not worry, the vast jungle interior still looks blank and there is a host of secluded bays to hang his hammock to watch the waves.phangan , thailand

Those who have had enough of lazing in the water, this large island covered with jungle has much to offer: mountains, waterfalls and more importantly, some of the most spectacular beaches in Thailand.

Beaches and waterfalls:

Numerous waterfalls dot the island, including 4 flow year round.

Waterfall Nam Tok Than Sadet

Rocks are engraved with the royal insignia of King Rama V, Rama VII and Rama IX. King Rama V loved this site hidden there came a dozen times between 1888 and 1909. The waters of the river Khlong Than Sadet are now considered sacred and used in royal ceremonies. Also near the east coast, Than Prawet is a series of falls that serpen ¬ tent to inland about 2 km.

Falls Nam Tok Phaeng

At the center of the island, Nam Tok Phaeng is protected by a national park and is a pleasant reward after walking a short but demanding. Continue the adventure and climb Khao Ra, the highest mountain of the island rising to 625 m. The eagle-eyed will spot monkeys, snakes, deer and wild boar, the view from the top is spectacular on a clear day you can see Ko Tao. If hiking is not difficult, it is very easy to get lost, and we strongly recommend to hire an escort to Madeua Ban Wan (near the falls). Local guides were rude signs affixed to their homes and, if they are there, they will take you to the top 500 B. Most only speak Thai.

Beach Hat Khuatdestinations-koh phangan

Khuat Hat, also called Sottie Beach is a popular beach. Visitors come for a day of swimming and snor ¬ Keling, some stay in one of many complexes of bungalows on the beach. For more solitude, try the secluded beaches of the East Coast Than Sadet Hat Yuan, Hat Thian and Ao Thong Reng tiny. Other beautiful beaches await you at the National Marine Park Ang Thong.

Do not forget to change back from the beach before visiting one of the 20 wats Ko Pha-Ngan. Most of the temples are open during the day.

Diving and snorkelingkoh phangan beach

Ko Tao, only a few kilometers, being the platform diving, this activity Ko Pha-Ngan is quieter and more focused on fun than on the certification. With the recent decline in its rates, the Open Water certificate is quite competitive compared to Ko Tao. The number of participants per group is reduced to Ko Pha-Ngan because there are usually fewer divers on the island.

Like the other islands of the archipelago of Ko Samui, Ko Pha-Ngan has many small reefs scattered around the island. Favorite snorkeling site is Ko Ma, a small island northwest connected to Ko Pha-Ngan a char ¬ ming sandbar. Some are interesting rocky reefs. noted east of the island.

Size advantage to dive Ko Pha-Ngan, proximity to Sail Rock (Hin Bai), perhaps the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand and a place of rendezvous for whale sharks. This large peak extends about 14 km north of the island. It shows an abundance of corals and tropical fish wholesale at depths of 10 m to 30 m, and a vertical passage on called “chimney”.

Diving centers Ko Tao are sometimes Sail Rock, although most go in shallow reefs (for beginners) and shark infested waters Chumphon Pinnacle. Shipments starting from the most popular Ko Pha-Ngan travel 3 sites in one day: Chumphon Pinnacle, Sail Rock and one of the best sites in the region. These three trips cost between 3650 and 3800 B, breakfast. Count between 2350 and 2500 B to go to Sail Rock.

Other activities:koh-phangan-snorkeling

Expeditions and hiking snorkeling one-day national marine park of Ang Thong generally leave Ko Samui, but tour operators are beginning to tourists as Ko Pha-Ngan. Ask your hotel for information on shipments by boat, as companies come and go depending on oil prices.

Many hotels provide a range of diving equipment such as jet skis and kayaks.

Where to stay on koh Phangan?

The legend attached to the festivities taking place in Ko Pha-Ngan has strengthened its reputation must for backpackers. In recent years, the island began to turn to a more upscale clientele. Many local institutions have abandoned bamboo huts and built premises for legions of tourists seeking wealthy but simplicity.

In other parts of the island, new portions of land were cleared for complexes 5 stars style from those of Samui. That real fighters do not alarm, it will take years before their lifestyle does it off. For now, Ko Pha-Ngan offers 3 types of accommodation: huts for broke, trendy accommodation for people in average budget and luxury unaffordable.Hat_Rin_Beach_KohPhangan

Hat Rin receives a disproportionate number of visitors compared to the rest of the island. Revelers visit this picturesque peninsula for its legendary festivities, and if most of them sleep in the day, the frame remains quite charming despite beer bottles washed up on the sand. The southern part of Sunrise Beach starts to stink because of the kerosene night rowdiness and inflammatory Drop-In Bar-course, better to take the sun on the north side quieter.

Ko Phangan also hosts lovers of solitude in search of a piece of sand deserted. This is exactly what is offered by the north coast and is a refuge.


The thin peninsula of Hat Rin has 3 separate ranges. Hat Rin Nok (Sunrise Beach) is the epicenter of the celebration of the full moon, Hat Rin Nai (Sunset Beach) is less impressive stretch of sand at the end of a small promontory, ¬ Hat Seekan tang (also called Hat Leela) , just south of Hat Rin Nai beach is smaller and intimate. The three beaches are connected by Ban Hat Rin (Hat Rin town), a series of restaurants and bars down the beach.Full-Moon-Party-Haad-Rin-Ko-Pha-Ngan-Thailand

The prices quoted here are not applicable during periods of full moon. At that time, the universities impose a minimum stay (about 4 or 5 days). If you plan to arrive the day of the party (or sleep), book well in avarice, or you sleep on the beach (which may end up happening anyway). Partygoers can also stay in Samui and take one of the stars that leave every hour.

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