The best hotels in Koh Mak right now: HERE

Small koh Mak is only 16 km, and knows neither traffic nor permanent structures or beers a noisy bars. beaches or just waves gently lick bondées.Les bays fringed with palm trees in a very relaxed atmosphere.koh-mak-map

Visit the island during high season is easier, in low season (May-September), most shuttle services are no longer operational and bungalows close their doors. Jr ‘Activities

To enjoy the beaches. whether to swim or koh mak , thailandwalk, the best place is Ao Suan Yai, great crescent sabloneux bathed in crystal clear waters which can be accessed easily on two wheels if you reside elsewhere on the island. Off is a private island kham kho, sold 200 million baht in 2008. Once popular as a destination for the day, it is currently undergoing a transformation to become a luxury resort.

  Where to stay and eat on Koh Mak?

Most guest houses are located on a small budget Ao Khao, a respectable strip of sand on the southwest coast of the island. Complexes continue to settle in the bay of Ao Suan Yai, more picturesque.

You will find a handful of family huts serving food fried on the main road between Monkey Island and Makathanee Resort. If you fancy a walk, take the excuse of a meal or a sunset to explore other bays.

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