Koh Lipe is a small island in the southern part of the Andaman Sea. It is located in Satun province, near the island of Langkawi (Malaysia), about 60 kilometers (38 miles) from the coast. It is part of Tarutao National Marine Park, a large group of over 70 islands and part of a small group of islands called the islands or Butang Adang Archipelago.

Hotels in Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is famous for diving and snorkeling and the beautiful beaches and the relaxed atmosphere.

There are 3 main beaches of Koh Lipe, 15 minutes on foot.

pattaya_beach_at koh lipe

Pattaya Beach
The main beach of Koh Lipe is a large sheltered bay with soft sand, crystal blue water and snorkeling although the beach. There is a wide range of accommodation in Pattaya Beach, but in recent years there has been a tendency for large and accommodation, more upscale restaurants. There are dozens of bars and restaurants on the beach or at the corner of the pedestrian street. In high season, it can get very crowded, but other beaches are only 15 minutes walk, so it’s still relatively easy to escape the crowds.

Sunrise Beach (Hat Chao Ley)Sunrise-beach-koh lipe

It is a long stretch of white sandy beach and is protected against the elements of the monsoon in low season, and has a nice breeze most days in high season. The school, a hospital and a small Chao Ley village is located here. Accommodation is more spread out than on Pattaya beach, and there are still some cheap places around, but more upscale places have opened in recent years too. There are a few small restaurants and shops on Sunrise Beach, and is between 5 and 15 minutes from Walking Street and the other beaches. Sunrise Beach has the best snorkeling right on the beach.

Sunset Beach (Hat Pramong)Sunset Beach (Hat Pramong), koh lipe

It is a small bay in front of the West to Butang islands and is an ideal place to watch the sunset. The area around Sunset Beach is the most calm and quiet backup on Koh Lipe, with very few places to stay, and they have all been able to retain the feeling of “Old Lipe. Accommodation ranges basic huts on the beach, rustic private bungalows established in the shady jungle. There is no high-end places to stay in the area. There are few places to eat and drink in the area and it’s a walk 10 to 15 minutes at Walking Street and other beach.

Considered as an alternative to over-exploitation Koh Phi Phi (who became famous for being the setting for the movie The Beach), Koh Lipe can only be reached by boat from the ports which include Krabi Malaysian island Langkawi nearby. pristine reefs and crystal clear waters surrounding the island. More than 25 percent of rainforest species of fish swimming world in the protected waters of Koh Lipe (the island is in the Tarutao National Marine Park). Perhaps the most developed tourist site on the island is the beach of Pattaya but go to Sunrise Beach, quiet, has now established a community of “sea gypsies”, the Chao Lei.

Islands and beaches:
There are several uninhabited islands that can be easily achieved with a long tail boat, all between 15 minutes and 1 hour drive. 2 large, Koh Adang and Koh Rawi have a guard post where camping is possible. The guard in Koh Adang also has bungalows and tents available, and there is a small restaurant (open from November to May). The islands around Koh Lipe are perfect for a day trip, and several island operators offer snorkeling that will take you 4 or 5 islands in 1 day.satun-koh-adang-thailand , near koh lipe

Koh Lipe Tarutao National Marine Park:

Tarutao National Marine Park consists of a group of 51 islands located in the southern part of the Andaman Sea, near Thailand – Malaysian border.

Tarutao National Marine Park consists of a group of 51 islands located in the southern part of the Andaman Sea, near Thailand – Malaysian border. 2 groups of islands lies in between 20 and 70 kilometers from the mainland. The largest island of Koh Tarutao and more than 10 kilometers wide and about 26 long. This mountainous island is mainly covered by tropical forest and there are many mangroves. Some long stretches of pristine sandy beach and some caves can also be found. The second group of islands that make up the Marine Park is the farthest from the mainland and includes Koh Lipe, Koh Adang, Koh Rawi and Koh Dong. The largest of the islands Adang and Rawi are almost completely covered in rainforest. During the rainy season, several waterfalls run of Adang into the sea. The waters around Koh Lipe and it’s neighboring islands are very clear and the house a wide variety of live corals and other animals marins.

Koh Lipe climateKo-Adang,Thailand
There are basically two seasons that determine the weather in the area: wet and dry. The rainy season begins in late May when the monsoon brings a lot of rain and rough seas. The dry season begins in early November. The temperatures are between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius year around. The beginning of the dry season (November and December) tends to be softer, cooler, while the end of the dry season (April and May) tends to be a little warmer. Humidity is high year round (80 to 85 percent).

The waters around Koh Lipe, Koh Adang and Koh Rawi house an enormous variety of marine species, including: dolphins, manta rays and stingrays, sharks, other whales, but also many reef fish as clown fish, angel fish, lion fish and all kinds of coral. And although fishing has over taken its toll on the fish population and part of the coral has been damaged there is always an abundance of marine life in this area. Other wildlife that can be spotted mainly on the larger islands (Koh Tarutao – Koh Adang – Koh Rawi): Food crab monkeys, wild pigs, lizards, mouse deer, hornbills, sea eagles, snakes … the majority of the park is covered with a mixture of rain and monsoon forest.
historykoh lipe
The history of Tarutao Marine Park goes back to 1939 when the prison was constructed on Tarutao Island. During World War II, due to a lack of supplies, both prisoners and guards has become a feared group of pirates. After the war, the British naval troops restored order and the prison administration closed the prison. Neighboring provinces villagers settled on Tarutao Island to cultivate rice, fruits and rubber. In 1972, the National Park was declared, and most settlers where relocated. Sea Gypsies where the original inhabitants of the waters of the Andaman Sea, the passage from one beach to the, according to season and availability of food. Today, most of the sea gypsies have finally calmed down, and saw a small group of Koh Lipe.

Koh Lipe evolves into a year-round destination, with Pak Barra ferry operates throughout the year.
High season – November to May
High season starts early November and lasts until the first half of May. In high season, there are daily ferry docks several islands and on the mainland. If you arrive during the holidays Thailand in high season, it is wise to make a reservation, because the island regularly fills completely. Koh Lipe is very popular for Thai tourists during long weekends and holidays, and housing is often booked months in advance.Tarutao , koh lipe
Peak season: December, January and February
From early December until the end of February is considered high season on Koh Lipe. All rooms of the island are full on most nights, and if you arrive without a reservation, it will be difficult to find a room that you prefer.
Popular places are booked months in advance for Christmas and the New Year, and in the weeks before and after. It’s the same thing all over Thailand and Koh Lipe is no exception, so reservations are highly recommended.
Low season – from May to November
Since 2009, the daily ferries connect Koh Lipe to Pak Barra on the continent and it is now possible to visit Koh Lipe throughout the year. While some locations close during the low season, a lot of others are now open all année.L’île is fairly low season, or as the locals call it “green season”, but this means you’ll the beach all to yourself and some places offer up to 50% off. From May to November Koh Lipe can be reached from Pak Barra.

tarutao national park
Good to know:

Doctor, hospital and pharmacy
The hospital is located next to the school on Sunrise Beach. There is a doctor who speaks English OK and a nurse. The hospital as a basic medical supplies out of stock, but for something important, you have to go to the mainland.
The pharmacy is located in the middle of the pedestrian street, has a good selection, and the owner speaks English very well, it’s a good first stop if your problem is not too serious.
There is no automatic or ATM Cash Machine on Koh Lipe. You can get a cash advance on your credit card in our shop in Koh Lipe, or some of the larger resorts.
All internet Koh Lipe is by satellite link up and therefore a bit more expensive and slower than on the mainland. There are many internet shops on the island, and some places offer WiFi for their customers.
mobile services
Two operators to provide mobile services (telephony and Internet GPRS – NO 3G):
DTAC, with their prepaid SIM card and AIS happy with their prepaid SIM card 1-2-Call
Both offer international roaming and prepaid SIM cards that can be easily recharged.

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