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Originally, the island was known as Pulau Satak, “Island of Long Beach” in Malay. She officially took the name of Koh Lanta in 1917. This name, of uncertain etymology comes from the Javanese lanta that would designate a utensil for grilling fish. The name could also come from the thai lan daa which associated Ko would mean “the island of millions of eyes” 1.

Several archaeological finds have attested that the island was frequented since prehistoric times

Located in the heart of a coastal archipelago of fifty islands to whom it is named, Koh Lanta is actually made up of two sets separated from each other by a narrow sandy inlets. The northern part of the island is so called Ko Lanta Noi and southern Ko Lanta Yai.

Marked by a moderately hilly terrain, the island has many original coral white beaches, some forests and mangroves. Still relatively unspoilt, part of the archipelago, the southernmost tip of Ko Lanta Yai, ranked since 1990 as a national park.

Koh Lanta, a beautiful and tranquil island

Koh Lanta. I do not speak of the reality show, but the Thai island resting on the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea. A nice and quiet island, almost wild in places, in contrast to Phuket, its neighbor. First we come for the beaches, but the rest of the island is just as interesting to explore. Enough to satisfy all tastes and all ages.

I was there in February with my boyfriend and a couple of friends. It is on this island that we ended our trip to Burma and Thailand.
A controlled tourism development

These are sea gypsies who settled first on the island 500 years ago (their descendants are still there), followed by Muslims (who now represent the majority of the population) and Chinese.

Since the 80’s where the “backpackers” began to frequent the island, tourism development is done in moderation. Apart from a few more luxurious complex, most of the accommodation consists of small bungalows range required by families.
Bohemian beach

It is from the village of Ban Saladan, where converge all boats, which is reached the beach of their choice through a tuk tuk (converted pick-up taxis). Our destination was the Klong Khong Beach, one of the quieter beaches and “cool” of the island.

Three kilometers of sand with modest bungalows and hyper-casual beach bars with wooden terraces where you can lie on cushions, cocktail in hand, to contemplate the sea. And above all, no chair plastic or multicolored umbrella comes spoil the natural setting of this range. Provided bohemian atmosphere. Young solo travelers We meet, couples and families, but also some hippies and rastas …

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