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These are three islands in the southern archipelago of Phi Phi Koh Lanta Yai, Koh Lanta Noi, Koh Klay. The first, and largest, and is 20 km by 5, that’s where the best beaches can be found. Less sumptuous, less prestigious, Koh Lanta does not offer a postcard image as Phang Na, we offers deserted beaches, white sand and 70% of its area is covered by rainforest. Moderate thailand_koh_lanta_lantaprices make it a destination of choice. There really at Christmas and New Year you have trouble finding a good bungalow market. Since 1990 has been created in the south, a marine national park with 15 other islands. Koh Lanta is located about 70 kilometers from Krabi Town, consisting of two main islands, the largest and most populated Koh Lanta Yai and the smaller Koh Lanta Noi, as well as several smaller islands. Koh Lanta has 9 attractive white sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes; more than 70 small islands and plenty of forests, coral reefs and their fish of all colors. Along the East Coast, are the towns, hospitals, police, schools, etc. the other side (the West Coast), there is a lot of calm. There, monkeys, lizards, birds and pristine nature are jealously preserved. Southeast, a village of sea gypsies continues to live as before and does not appear at this time want to develop as their cousins in Phuket and Phang Nga. The dearth of electricity and telephone line, the number of tracks impassable in the rainy season, and the relative lack of tourists, helped to preserve long Koh Lanta development.

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But speculation began today, as many guesthouses in Krabi owners bought the land on Koh Lanta Yai and the most beautiful beaches. Will do is it a new Phi Phi, where uncontrolled development gradually transformed the island into a real trash. Not to mention that the problem arises from the water supply. Yes, definitely, do not miss Koh Lanta for it’s time. It is a season of question: it will remain beautiful one, two, maybe three …yearskoh lanta beaches

This beautiful island off the southern coast of Thailand was the cradle of an ancient race: Sea gypsies with their own language and beliefs.
Thai fishermen and farmers came to live happy together. Hikers and German divers rediscovered Koh Lanta there a dozen years, and the island has gradually shifted from a known difficult, but thanks to the discovery by the Scandinavian families it offers a growing variety bungalows with equipment of the 20th century to the present. Most resorts are small, 30 to 50 bungalows or less.

The truth about Koh Lanta?

It is an island of beautiful beaches facing west, with magical sunsets and lush jungle. This is a nice people, again and again. A place where it’s always around 30 degrees where time is soon forgotten, where you can spend hours watching the antics of hermit crabs.
The timeless magic that makes the island so special can not be broken by a few modern conveniences.

Developments Koh koh lanta ?hotel koh lanta

The first center opened five-star resorts there several years now, and the owners have kept all the trees and ordered the architects to build a resort that could not be seen from the sea. On one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Lanta (and perhaps one of the most beautiful of Thailand), they created Pimalai Resort & Spa, a paradise on earth. Incredibly well designed.

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It seems that Koh Lanta attracts more and more creative people and wonderful new stations were created by newcomers.

Koh Lanta remains a paradise?

Yes, and yes! Is it cluttered? I Will Not! The last Christmas at noon I counted about 80 people on the 3.5 km long Klong Dao, the most developed beach of Koh Lanta.

If you want sex tourism, go-go bars, shopping clubs or discos, Koh Lanta is not for you. Come to Koh Lanta for diving “better than the Red Sea,” regularly listed in the top ten world dive sites, an old city where life continues as it has done for a hundred years. Rent bikes or jeep and spend days exploring the beaches, rivers, caves and waterfalls. with only 25 miles long and six wide, you will discover areas that are worlds apart. Explore the coconut groves and plantations rubber trees that continue to operate as there are fifty. Look at the nomadic fishermen of the sea to build their nets as they have for centuries.Relax-Bay-Koh-Lanta

Wait until the fishing boats come in and take the opportunity to enjoy seafood you will never forget for the price of a croissant and a coffee in Europe.

We will develop the site with photos and information, advice on accommodation, the best places to eat and more….

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