The best hotels in Koh Kood right now: HERE

Ko Kut island paradise of all: delicate sandy coves, water with extreme clarity, coconut groves hiding the few buildings and an atmosphere of alcove islander who hugs you just landed. Or nightclub or restaurant. and this is what pleases its visitors.fisherman-koh-kood

Two times smaller than Ko Chang. and fourth islands of Thailand by size. Ko Kut has long been a haven for resorts and looking for an elite isolation. Rumor has it that Beckham would have bought a holiday home. Another new Soneva Kiri resort is accessible by private plane and whose initial rates are around 2000 dollars a night. Yet the island seems to be somewhat democratic and independent travelers, including families and couples are welcome.

Where to stay on koh kut?


In low season (May-September) most boats do not circulate and bungalows are closed. In high season, weekend el holiday periods, the resorts are filled with Thais. By booking in advance during busy periods this year you filed dock of your choice.

It can fit at a good price around Hal Khlong

Ao Ngain Kho offers a small strip of sand at the northern end of the bay.

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