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With its rugged peaks covered in jungle they emerge from the sea, the picturesque Ko Chang (Elephant Island) retains its wild and isolated, although travel agencies are trying to make a new Phuket by including in stays turnkey. Its sandy beaches are nice, but nothing more. Its advantage lies in an unlikely alliance: a wilderness hand and a great site where entertainment. Indeed, incursions into the verdant jungle or dive coral gardens in the heart combine naturally with watered lonely holidays Beach.Koh_Chang , thailand

There are just over l0 years, Ko Chang had no electricity network was not officially cleared of malaria, had only a few paved roads and even fewer motor vehicles. Though it remains difficult to get there, the flow of visitors is continuous: Russian tourists tour, travelers heading to Cambodia and couples beach walking cm range to remote islands of the National Marine Park Ko Chang DEMU . Along the west coast, it falls on small towns whose level of artificial life clearly outperforms the infrastructure of the island. The problem is recurring on the islands of Thailand must provide a non-resident population, but growing, a facility and decent alternative means of transport.

To see:KohChang White Sands Beach

Although the second island in Thailand by the size makes its merry way towards modernity, Ko Chang keeps this aspect gives it that perfect tropical sea that surrounds the jungle teeming with wildlife. Not to mention the countless water sports.


This side of the island offers beaches widest and most sandy and well appointed. The network of public taxis making travel from one beach to another relative ease and affordability. A tip: bring along a pair of shoes to go in the water, especially for children because many beaches are rocky. These shallow waters are calm and perfect for budding swimmers.

Part of Ko Chang National Park status and is therefore protected and maintained as such. Although these attempts to preserve may seem insufficient, you will be asked for an entrance fee of 200 B Park to visit some waterfalls.beach , koh chang

Please note that nudity and topless bathing is prohibited in the Marine National Park Mu Ko Chang, including the beaches of Ko Chang, Ko Mak and Ko Kut.



Rich in coral and fish, the sites of Ko Chang, shallow water, as often in the Gulf of Thailand, are ideal to learn to dive.

30 minutes by boat, you can access the seamounts of the southern tip of the island at the heart of Ko Chang Marine Park. Among the most famous sights, luk in Hin rap beats and two rock reliefs inlaid with coral, harbor depths of 1.8 to 20 m, which frolic schools of fish and a few turtles.koh chang diving

By far the dive site the best preserved area, Ko Rang is an uninhabited island

whose status prohibits fishing marine park. The visibility is much better than near Ko Chang 10 to 20 m on average. The preferred site for lovers Hin is gadeng

Including coral, covered with coral visible up to 28 m deep, are spectacular. On the east coast of Ko Rang, Hin kuak Maa (“the reef in three fingers”) is another fascinating site. Known for its coral wall that slopes from 2 to 14 m, it is full of marine life.

Koh Yak and Ko Ko lang tong laun offer diving in shallow waters, ideal for beginners and experienced. Around these rocky islets teeming coral, schools of fish, fish balls, moray eels, barracudas, rays and sometimes turtles.kohchang dive

Edge of reef, Ko Waise characterized by a wide variety of corals

hard and soft corals, it is also an ideal place for snorkeling. The island is popular to spend the day, but also offers accommodation in a rudimentary if you want to spend more time on the reef. Diving clubs estimate that 30% of coral reefs in the area were destroyed during the bleaching event of 2010. Park officials have closed parts of Ko Rang. Check what sites remain accessible.

The dives usually cost between 2800 and 3500 B. Certification

PADI Open Water returns to 14,500 B / person. Recently, diving centers

remain open during the rainy season (June to September), but the visibility and sea conditions may be poor.

Where to stay in Koh Chang?hotel koh chang , thailand

In Ko Chang, mass tourism has changed the price of accommodation. Rates increase without necessarily follow the level of benefits. This is partly explained by the fact that the hotels welcoming groups are assured of filling and does not need to maintain their quality to keep their customers. The price range is not wide, leaving little choice for visitors.

Some hotels are closed during the rainy season (April to October), during which prices fall significantly. To stay in high season (November to May), weekends and holidays, it is best to book in advance and track specials.

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