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Hat Khao Lak beach is ideal if you want to avoid the side showy large resorts of Phuket, without sacrificing comfort, shopping and services. With its long stretches of golden sands and wooded hills in the background, Hat Khao Lak is perfect for exploring the North Andaman, water or under water. You can easily get to the Similan Islands and Surin national parks of Khao Sok and Khao Lak / Lam Ru or even Phuket for the day.

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At about 2.5 km north of Hat Khao Lak, Bang Niang Hat is an even quieter sandy happiness. The beaches are narrow, but less crowded. The city of Khao Lak (Khao Lak Town also called locally) is not memorable, but it is practical, with its restaurants, tourist markets and small hotels along the route.

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Excursions diving or snorkeling one day to the Similan and Surin islands are very popular, but if you have time, go for a cruise of several days. The islands are 60 km from the shore (about 3 hours by boat), you’ll have more time and avoid the crowds. All dive centers offer cruises for 10 000/19 000 B for 2/3 days and day trips for 4900 B 6500 B

During these outings, you will be woken at dawn and dive up to 4 times per day in one of the 10 most beautiful dive sites in the world. Although the Similan and Surin Islands have undergone a major coral bleaching in recent years, Richelieu Rock is still considered a must for sites in the region, and Ko Bon and Ko Ta Chai are also popular because of the presence of manta rays.khao_lak_diving_snorkeling_

Although aimed primarily to divers, all centers offer snorkeling on some excursions and cruises for a discounted price of about 40%. In addition, agencies located in the city offer snorkeling for only  2700 B. Courses for certification as PADI scuba diving cost 10 000 B 18 000 B according to the dive site. You can take part in a day of introduction to the Similan Islands for 6000 B 6500 B

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