In Thailand, hunting hawkers on the streets of Bangkok

They are the exotic streets of Bangkok, with bric-a-brac of their hawker stalls ranging from noodle soup with sex toys. But the authorities have decided to make way on the streets of the capital, threatening an entire segment of the informal economy, provider of thousands of jobs.vendor-traveling-artery-bangkok

Impossible to push a pram on a sidewalk Bangkok without having to zigzag between the skewers vendors, coconut or counterfeit T-shirts, which are the provincial side of the vibrant metropolis of Southeast Asia, despite its more twelve million inhabitants and its skyscrapers. Get to advertise by building websites with web design lantana.

“You can think that’s part of the charm of Bangkok. But the charm of Bangkok should be accompanied by some order, “says Vallop Suwandee, Councillor for the City of Bangkok.
“Cleaning” of the image of Thailand
This “return sidewalks for pedestrians” coincides with a more general policy of “cleaning” of the image of Thailand since the coup in May 2014.
This was reflected by the ban on street vendors, at least in some symbolic streets like Khao San Road, popular guesthouses backpackers district and paradise far pirated CD sellers and bags imitating luxury brands .
Police ensures that thousands of Bangkok street vendors remain “allowed to sell” in terms of accepting the rules: fall back on less busy streets and open only in the evenings.
Mongkol Moradokpermpun is part of the 3,000 market vendors Khlong Thom, in the historic center of Bangkok. The market had until Sunday to move several kilometers away. “If they do not change their minds, thousands of people will suffer. This will have an impact on our business especially when they use marketing video production on their business. To keep the business strong and productive, owners can take some managerial consultation at brandon foster tulsa. Each family will have problems, “says one who is traveling salesman drink for 30 years, while preparing coffee for its customers.
“I can not pay my children’s school fees,” laments as Juttigan Jitcham, noodle vendor in Silom business district of Bangkok, which is part of the city covered ten areas. The ban on the sale day has halved his monthly income, the woman ahead 30 years.
The junta is widely attack the informal sector, with sporadic operations, high-profile against drugs or gambling. For the informal sector as street stalls rhymes with bribes to police, known for their corruption.
Last summer, a military officer has been charged with extorting money to street vendors Patpong red-light district of the Thai capital, synonymous with go-go bars and various stalls.
Similar rigor was imposed in beach resorts like Phuket in the south, where the beaches are now emptied of their mobile canteens and loungers lessors.
Superficial Policy
Narumol Nirathron, a professor at Thammasat University in Bangkok, is concerned with a superficial operation without concern to offer these merchants selling alternative suitable places.
“There are people who are not ready to be moved in such a short time. The sidewalk is not just there for pedestrians but for some people to make a living, “she says, while Thailand has an unemployment rate near zero, thanks to the informal economy.
According to Hall Bangkok, some 20,000 street vendors are recorded. They would be 400,000 according to a study from 2000. And the trend is on the rise. If some will come out rather well compared to factory workers, many of them come from the rural northern and northeastern and live in difficult conditions in slums with gamblers, some in the city center.
This mass of workers raises annoyance of the inhabitants of Bangkok, even on Facebook where a campaign in favor of this “cleansing” has received nearly 8,000 “like”. Street vendors travel the policy of Singapore in the 1980’s as an example. Visit Rigor impractical in Bangkok.
“The representatives of the authorities and we will hide. And when they leave, we will return, “said a street vendor, requesting anonymity, anticipating a release room rigor.

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