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Resort enjoyed longstanding rulers (all monarchs since Rama IV have found a good place to build a home) and the privileged classes of Bangkok, the north-western Gulf of Thailand is known as the ” Royal Coast “. Today, Thai tourists in turn invest this part of the coast, to satisfy their need for rest and entertainment as well as to pay homage to their revered kings, whose “palaces secondary” are now open to the public. There are few places where culture and beach meet with such happiness.hua-hin-beach

With its historical sites, its pleasant atmosphere province, parks covered with jungle and its long sandy beaches, all easily accessible from Bangkok, northwestern Gulf of Thailand is the destination for land and sea country. And anyone who has walked the miles of white sandy Hua Hin is struggling to understand what motivates travelers to impose a grueling journey to reach the most southern islands of Samui, if built. There is certainly a drawback here: the rarity of reef – which means little or no diving or snorkeling, and water whose color gray is more reminiscent of the Atlantic tropical azure.huahin , thailand

The best time is the hot and dry season (February to June). From July to October (southwest monsoon) and October to January (northeast monsoon), the region is experiencing rain and sometimes violent winds. Geographically specific but allows him to be generally less rain than the rest of the country during the monsoon.

Storms often bring jellyfish close to shore. To avoid being bitten, it is better not to swim – or, as the Thais, into the water fully clothed!

The oldest beach resort of the country is not a palm-fringed island lost in the middle of the ocean … and so much the better. Instead it offers a delicious cocktail of city and sea, with its cosmopolitan, bustling markets, its tasty snacks to munch on the street, its great beaches and amenities of a big city – here, not wastewater flow in the middle of the beach.Hua-Hin-thailand , beach

The aristocratic origins of Hua Hin back to the 1920s, when Rama VI (King Vajiravudh) and Rama VII (Prajadhipok) made it their summer residence built to escape the stifling climate of Bangkok. The two most famous palace, Phra Ratchawang Klai Kangwon (“Sans-Souci Palace”, a name became a slogan for the city itself) is at 3 km north of the city. It still belongs to the royal family. With its royal reputation with the construction of the southern railway, Hua Hin became the resort of reference for Thai high society, who in turn fitted out second homes.

In the 1980s, the renovation of the Sofitel group of largest hotel in the city gave the kickoff to foreign tourism. All major international hotel chains are now present in Hua Hin, and a growing number of wealthy foreigners choose to remove resi ¬ dencies in the area. The weekend, the Bangkok bourgeoisie invests places and transforms neighborhoods into small Sukhumvit.

Travelers on a budget should not scare so far: in this Thai city bubbling with activity, public transport is cheap and found everywhere affordable seafood. Finally, it is shorter, less complicated, and therefore cheaper, coming here from Bangkok that make the islands further south. Do not waste another minute!jaidee-resort-hua-hin-town , thgailand

Hua Hin has vast beaches where you can swim safely. It is also one of the places of the peninsula where it rains less during the year. In times of storm, beware of jellyfish.

Hua Hin town

A former fishing village, the town of Hua Hin has retained its old quarter of shop houses teak grid of narrow self, its old houses on the pontoons, transformed into restaurants and pensions, and a fishing port still very much alive. South of the port is the promontory

Hua Hin beachhuahin-beach-hotel

When viewed from the main entrance, the Hua Hin beach may seem very overrated: we see a sandy, pleasant but certainly not extraordinary, dotted with boulders round and smooth and dominated by Sofitel (the resort to advance almost to the limit of the waves at high tide). Overcome your disappointment and enjoy scenes of local life: it is here that Thais come to photographed walking in the water and where it is wise to children rides a pony.

For the serious stuff (swim and sunbathe), continue south. Down a long strip of white sand in front of the gray-green waters although quiet, the beach goes out of 5 kilometers to Khao Takiab, a cape decorated with a Buddha. Certainly stand concrete hotels where we would like to see coconut trees, but enough there to distract you from your long trip?

Where to stay in Hua Hin?

Most accommodation budget and middle class are in town, in the storied houses of the old quartier of shophouses. The place lacks no character and there are plenty of shops catering near cheap, but the downside is the distance from the beach. You need to either walk to the north of Hua Hin (more pleasant at low tide) or take a taxi to the south beach.

Addresses of superior resorts are succeeding on any portion of the beach south of the Sofitel. All international brands are present in Hua Hin.

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