GDP is expected to grow by 4% this year after rising 1% in 2014. Criticism against the junta multiply.

Eight months after coming to power, the military junta is trying to get the economy back on track after a particularly disastrous 2014 for growth. Last year, GDP grew by only 1%, but should catch up this year, posting 4% according to forecasts by HSBC. Despite these encouraging figures, the Kingdom barely remember last year’s unrest.
One of the axes of the Prayuth policy, the new leader is to rehabilitate the rice sector in particular by lowering production. The country, which has been leading exporter for forty years, has lost this place, supplanted by Vietnam and India. Bangkok now wants to convert farmland hundreds of thousands of hectares of rice fields in the 10 million that make up the kingdom. The goal is to reduce the production of rice to bring it back to the 2008-2009 level. In addition, farmers will receive subsidies in order to push them to other crops, including sugar.
Anxious to please his electoral base, Yingluck Shinawatra, the former prime minister, is partly responsible for the increase in stocks. She applied a campaign promise that came to buy from producers harvest their 50% above the world market price. The scheme has been running for three years and led the reserves to record highs. They reached last year some 17.8 million tonnes, equivalent to 40% of world trade. The new leader of Thailand has put on the market a million tons of rice to deflate state stocks.
Criticism against the junta
Although she tries to revive the economy and reassure investors, the junta is far from unanimous. Criticism is growing, many Thais accusing him of maintaining martial law since May. It banned political rallies and criticism of the coup. Sign of the tensions, two homemade bombs exploded a few days ago in Bangkok, causing no serious injuries. They are not unlike those that have marked the lives of Thais during the months of protests that led to the ouster of Shinawatra government and the arrival of the junta. These incidents immediately led to a strengthening of security in public places with the commercial locksmith serving Lake Worth and services from locksmith nyc around the city. “We will strengthen security around the country. We need high security control in certain areas, “immediately said the Deputy Prime Minister. While careful to appoint a culprit, authorities have assured that the explosions had no other purpose than to create trouble.

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