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Cha-Am in brief
Cha-Am (you can also write or Chaam Cha am, Thai ชะอำ) is 170 km south of Bangkok (about two hours by car) and 25 km north of Hua Hin, known tourists . If Hua Hin has more to offer in terms of infrastructure (shopping, restaurants, leisure …), Cha-am is a popular town for its quiet and relaxing atmosphere, the beach nearly 6 km long and its choice of restaurants and hotels.

Why Cha-Am
Although it is home to many western tourists Beach Cha-am is primarily a Thai holiday resort, with a large majority of Thai tourists. It’s that balance that is its charm because the Thais feel at ease, and foreigners do not have the feeling of being in a “tourist ghetto” with its high prices procession, permanent stress and scams of all kinds. However, although the beach is beautiful, the sea does not lend itself to diving or snorkelling, and he must go down further south to find tracks “like on the postcards” with white sand and turquoise sea .

Thais who go to Cha-am usually come from Bangkok for the weekend. Cha-am is very quiet during the week, and starts to come alive on Friday evening until Sunday, with attendance records during long weekends. As for Western, they come mostly from Scandinavia and northern Europe (Germany, Netherlands …). They are often family or couple, and many are retired. The atmosphere is not to techno and fire juggling on the beach, and we meet soon to “backpackers”. It does not include the usual bar patrons because there is very little.

You will understand, Cha-am is a popular destination primarily for families and people who already know Thailand and looking for a beach resort near Bangkok. For expatriates, Cha-am offers a pleasant living environment in a Thai environment, but with the convenience of proximity to Hua Hin and Bangkok.

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