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On weekends and holidays, the city saw the arrival of local families and students

Bangkok disembarking the bus fluo (the “chor ching eye”), the doped techno music and determined to have fun. In an atmosphere of 100% Thaibeach-cha am

we eat and drink all the time, installed in the shade of parasols contemplating the spectacle of inflatable boats coming and going and eventually return, throwing all passengers in the water under the laughter and applause.

The few foreigners in Cha-am are usually European retirees who winter here rather than in Hua Hin, more expensive. Cha-am is not the place to meet people while traveling, or even to come with young children (they may be frightened by the behavior of Thai paparazzi on vacation). But for the rest, the vast sandy beach is perfect, the blue-gray water clean and quiet, the immersion in Thai society fun and among the most affordable prices on the coast.

In February, Cha-am celebrating one of the delights of the shore: the blue crab. Food stalls, concerts and swirl of neon transform the waterfront into a huge hall.cha am beach

“Eating shellfish, bird watching, fishing squid” is the name of the festival held every year in September is a program in itself. Tribute to the traditions and local products, it is essentially cooking, but it does include fishing demonstrations and tours birding in reserves around.

Where to Stay Cha-Am?

Cha-am has two types of accommodation: hotels style apartments along Th Ruamjit, and “condotels” more expensive to rent apartments with kitchen. During the week, you will probably discounts on published rates.cha am

The northern part of the city (“Long Beach”), where the beach is larger and more golden sand, is more popular with tourists than the south, mainly in Thailand. Narathip th marks the boundary between the two parties and so that leave the artery along the beach (Th Ruamjit) are numbered in ascending order in both directions from the intersection.

kaeng krachan national park

Waking up at dawn with cries of gibbons, hike in the forest to spot elephants drink water points, grab a good sweat in the ascent of the highest peak in the park … Surprisingly close to civilization, but little frequented by tourists, the largest park in the country (3,000 km2) has a wild, dense and tangled. Under the combined action of rainfall and the presence of two rivers and a lake, the place remains green throughout the year. There are many species of animals, kaeng krachan national parkwild elephants, deer, gibbons, bears, semnopithèques dark, wild cattle, etc.. Side birds, the park occupies an area interesting biological, the southernmost for the species in the North and the northernmost for the species in the South. Some 400 species live here, including hornbills, pheasants and other birds living on the ground.

Walking is the best way to explore the park. Paths are usually reported from the main road and trails. Starting at Km 36, the trail Nam To ‘. Tho Thip (4 km) leads to tiered falls 18 levels. Highest point of the park, Thung Phanoen is reached after a 6 km walk which starts at Km 27. Attention, some trails, including that of Phanoen Thung, are closed during the rainy season (August to October). In the southern part of the park, the twin falls of Val-U Pa and Pa La-U Noi is an excursion from classic Hua Hin, where it is also possible to organize trips mountain biking in the park .

tiger in kaeng krachan national parkReception facilities are quite limited and sometimes bad roads. The guards can direct you to find transportation, supplies and camping equipment for rent. There are many people on weekends and holidays, but in principle the week. The best time to explore the park extends from November to April. If you do not want to deal with the logistics, Rabieng Rim Nam organizes trekking and bird watching outings (one or more).

Where to Stay and eat

In the park, there are different bungalows, mostly near the lake, very simple, with fan, refrigerator, for 4 to 6 people. There are also campsites (60

90 B / pers), including a pleasant and green surroundings, near the lake and visitor information center and a small restaurant. The information center rents tents.

On the road to the park entrance align several resorts and bungalows unpretentious.


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