Thailand: the scandal around the former continues Princess

New scandal of lese majeste in Thailand. The former wife of the crown prince’s parents were arrested, accused of improperly benefited from the status of their daughter to imprison a young woman. This is the latest twist in the dramatic fall in Srirasmi princess and her family since last November. Sirasmi the princess herself had renounced his royal status in December.Thailand, the scandal around the former continues Princess

With our correspondent in Bangkok, Arnaud Dubus

The uncle, brothers and sister Srirasmi had already been imprisoned after the explosion of a massive corruption scandal in November. It is now up to the parents of the unfortunate princess.

The latter saw the misfortunes befall her head at a feverish pace in the last three months. Her mother and father are accused of having played the title Princess to force the police to imprison a young woman on the basis of a false accusation of fraud.

Initially, the parents of the former princess, aged 66 and 72 years, categorically denied the accusations. But Friday, February 27, they gave after a long interrogation by the police. They were immediately imprisoned awaiting trial.

Thais observe carefully this series. A question touches on many minds: how the crown prince himself could he ignore the magnitude of the actions committed by the family of his wife?

Some observers believe that the campaign against the family of the former Princess reflects an agreement between the prince and the military who run the country. The prince must come clean about him before the throne after the death of his father, the king, 87 years old.

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Srirasmi, PRINCESS fallen

Srirasmi, the wife of the heir to the throne of Thailand has been divorced for extravagant behavior.

Srirasmi, fallen princess of Thailand will not know the fate of Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII. But if, after thirteen years of a troubled union, the third wife of Maha Vajiralongkorn Crown Prince was not beheaded by order of his royal spouse, his disgrace is none the less spectacular. At 43, Srirasmi was erased from official records. Absent since 9 December the daily television news bulletin on the court, this pretty brunette has not been seen in public since December 6. His only son, Dipangkorn, 9 so far second in the order of succession to the throne, has disappeared. This child, suffering from hyperactivity according to some autistic according to others, was exfiltration on the night of December 12, aboard a plane to Munich.La repudiation Srirasmi resulted in the banning of his family . Within weeks, a dozen of his relatives, including his uncle, all-powerful chief of police and his three brothers were arrested in connection with an alleged corruption scandal. They are also accused of treason, a crime in the ancient kingdom of Siam, where anything disrespectful to the sovereign and members of the Chakri dynasty is worth up to fifteen years to its author prison.Srirasmi

The former princess has been imposed internal exile in a house west of Bangkok. Or “Princess of Thailand” or “Royal Highness”, it will probably not have the right to keep his antique shop, his passion. A statement from the Royal Gazette states that the ex-wife, “resigned” lead “a retired life.” Commoner, after a modest background, unpleasant rumors have involved its colorful past. He is accused of having been “waitress” before he broke into the entourage of Prince Vajiralongkorn in 1997 as “lady companion.” For the elite of the kingdom, it is only a very small princess virtue. The wedding was also celebrated in private, in Nonthaburi palace and was revealed years later. Pictures, may be taken by the prince himself, and even salacious videos have circulated. One of them watch wearing a thong, amid domestic uniformed giving beaked at Foo-Foo princely poodle. A canid very pampered: the princess once told a former US ambassador that his dog had the rank of commander in chief of the army of the Thai air … a secret that had worried Washington, Thailand is a crucial ally United States in the region.

The sidelining of Srirasmi also political. It aroused the rejection of many subjects. King Bhumibol, 87 and sixty four years of reign, remains very popular, but they say ill and weak. Instead, his only son is accused of being a “playboy player and angry.” This new express divorce (he returned his second wife just as suddenly) ensure his rights to the estate. The ephemeral princess, whom the reigning monarch has agreed a compensation of $ 60 million, knows that she and her son were already replaced. The ex-husband convolé secretly with a former flight attendant who had given birth to a son, the future heir. “Miss Srirasmi Suwadee” commoner again, will not leave traces in the Chakri dynasty.

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End of reign in Bangkok

The Thai monarchy came last week in a transition phase and uncertainty clouded by a financial scandal that affects the wife of the crown prince.
With a sick monarch who is no longer able to leave her hospital room the day of his birthday, and a crown prince forced to separate from his wife involved in an unprecedented corruption scandal: the end of the reign of King Bhumibol looks challenging for Thailand.
Even more challenging it will be preceded by a debate, since the lese majeste law prohibits any comment on issues affecting the monarchy and the king.
It also protects the same way the royal family, so the crown prince, who is currently affected indirectly through his wife, by a huge corruption scandal.
Because of censorship, the Thai press has merely reproduced an official press line three of the palace, indicating that the princess had renounced his royal title.

A fundamental challenge for Thailand
The challenge yet size for Thailand because the monarchy is often presented as a pillar of stability in the country. During his exceptionally long reign, the king intervened repeatedly in Thai politics to appease conflict that threatened to escalate into bloody battles.
Last year, when Bangkok was paralyzed by protests and fear of clashes on 5 December (day of the royal birthday) had been a day of truce and reconciliation.
For the current monarch, although very weak and less present in public life, remains a beloved personality as a sort of demigod, and highly respected by the vast majority of Thais.
A reign that merges with the history of Thailand
The life of King Bhumibol coincides largely with the history of modern Thailand: inducted in 1946, crowned in 1950, he identified himself to the fate of his country.
Under his reign Thailand has deeply transformed from an agrarian country to a modern industrial power. Thailand is often cited as a model of economic development in the countries of Southeast Asia, and King Bhumibol has contributed significantly to the stability and development of his country.
Thailand, choosing to ally with the United States, was able to escape the communist disaster that ravaged its neighbors like Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia.
Cambodia monarchy behaved as an objective ally of the communist insurgency, facilitating the coming to power of the Khmer Rouge, and genocidal madness that ensued.
A unique blend of tradition and mondernité
The Thai monarchy has avoided this pitfall, without falling into the Westernization and loss of substance other countries aligned with the United States.
Thailand has always kept a form of independence, jealously preserving its traditions and peculiarities, probably a legacy of the country’s history that has never been colonized.
This unusual blend of tradition and modernism, she must now probably in large part to the exceptional personality of King Bhumibol, who spent much of his reign to go to modernize his country, through numerous projects funded the funds of the crown.
Today, if the end of his reign will be difficult, it is in large part because some intend to use the prestige of the monarchy for political purposes.
This is the case of the law of lese majeste has become a tool of censorship in the service of power away from its original mission was to protect the monarch insults and slanders.

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