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Choose the right hotel in Bangkok (Thailand hotels)
Bangkok as you do not probably know is a big metropolis comparable to New York with all the advantages and disadvantages that represents. In peak period, the streets and main arteries of the city are congested crowded cars, difficult to move quickly in these circumstances by car.

If the main Luxury hotels (thailand hotels) are located along the Chao Praya River, the other parts of Bangkok (Siam, Asok, Sukhumvit, …) offer a wide selection of accommodation.

Here are some of our tips for choosing your hotel in Bangkok (Thailand hotels)
– Check on a map of Bangkok that the hotel is located near a BTS Skytrain Station (open subway), an express boat station or from the MRT station (subway). These means of transport are the fastest to travel in Bangkok. Do not just formal descriptions of the hotel’s website, watch the video presentation of the hotel if it exists.
– Take into account all the selection criteria, the price should not be the only criterion for selection
– Choose a hotel according to your interests and tastes. If you like shopping, choose booking a hotel near the Siam district of Sukhumvit.
– If you like the quiet, opt for a hotel near the Sukhumvit. The neighborhood Asok (self Sukhomvith 16) is a residential area run expatriates and middle-class Thais.
– If you are a jogger and you love running, choose a hotel near Lumpini Park.
– The budget will delight in the Paris hostels near Khao San Road (backpacker neighborhoods).

Despite their large numbers, Bangkok hotels fill up quickly in high season (November to February), including good hotels located downtown near a BTS or MRT station (the 2 main transport in common in the capital of Thailand). Bangkok hotels therefore apply fairly strict cancellation terms during this period. So book your hotel as soon as possible for any trip or intended stay in the capital Bangkok. A true hub of Southeast Asia, know that the city of Bangkok is visited year round in the image of Paris.

Employees of Bangkok hotels are bilingual anglophones, few hotels with a French-speaking staff.

You will find above our selection of Bangkok hotels, you will be able to view video presentations of the various hotels in Bangkok to get a better idea before booking your room.

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