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Once archetypal old Asian metropolis, Bangkok has changed a lot in recent years, after a truly rejuvenating. Remnants of its past remain, but they are often masked by public transport sprawling, huge air-conditioned malls and restaurants worthy of major Western capitals.


But do not believe that the “real” Bangkok no longer exists. Two centuries later, the Royal Palace and Wat Phra Kaew have lost none of their beautiful appearance and Skytrain had a minimal impact on the old stalls Banglamphu or canals of Thonburi. To enjoy Bangkok as it should, it is important to explore these two worlds coexist. Take the MRT (subway) to reach the bustling Chinatown, or you rendez. Central World shopping center in lelorng taxi (taxi boat). You’ll find that the old and the new Bangkok up of a mixture happier.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, Bangkok is one of the hottest cities in the world. To make matters worse, temperatures vary very little, and the average maximum is between 32 ° C and 34 ° C. The rainy season extends approximately from May to October, during which the city receives up to 300 mm of precipitation per month.

The only respite from the relentless heat and humidity occurs during the first few weeks of relative coolness of winter in December / January.

Where to stay in BANGKOK?Hotel at Bangkok

At first glance, choose accommodation in Bangkok can seem impossible mission as hotels are numerous in this sprawling city. The area in which you will be staying will be determined by your budget and Banglamphu tourist ghetto of Khao San include the majority of budget accommodation in Bangkok, but there it can be a bit difficult to get in other parts of the city. You will also find affordable accommodation to the lower part of Sukhurnvit, but you will have to accommodate sex tourists and touts. Chinatown also has many cheap hotels, you will move more quietly. And there is a good range of accommodation correct at Soi Ngam Duphli near Sathon.

With a slightly higher budget, you can stay in the center of Bangkok. Sukhumvit and Silom hotels have many middle class, often, near a BTS or MRT. Others are located in front of the National Stadium itself near Siam Square, and they have the advantage of being close to the BTS.

Many boutique hotels and luxury are at the top of Sukhumvit and most famous establishments are mostly located along the river near Silom.bangkok

The hotel rooms are generally more expensive than elsewhere in Bangkok in Thailand, but the choice is huge and it is possible to obtain significant reductions, so that you can find accommodation at great prices.

Budget less than 1000 B.

Mid-1000 to B B. 3000.

Superior over 3000 B.

Prices shown are in high season. Do not forget that special offers are available if you book online on our website.

What is included in the price: for budget hotels, then B to 50 beds in Banglamphu is over, but if your budget is tight, you can find a bed in a dormitory (or “room-closet “) with shared bathroom for 150 to 200 B. More you can spend, the greater your chance of getting a towel, a hot shower and air conditioning. If you are looking for privacy and a private bathroom, you can rent a basic room around 700 B.bangkok-tuk tuk

Middle class brings a little of everything, rooms pensions ordinary good quality. Beyond 1000 B, you will find hotels with Western-style groom, uniformed personnel, receiving impeccable. If you do not want to spend too much and you’re not too picky about the decor, the rooms are very correct between 1500 and 2000 B. If your budget is higher, book early for discounts sometimes important.

The higher class hotels are multiplying in Bangkok. They usually include a swimming pool, spa, gym, meeting rooms and an Internet connection. The rooms of major retailers are generally more spacious, while boutique hotels apply create a mood. At the top of this category, room rates start at 10 000 B, but for most international hotels, boutique or design, price range between 6000 and 9000 B, before any reductions. Most hotels in this category add a service charge of 10% and 7% tax.

DISTRICT BANGKOK AIRPORT suvarnabhumi_airport_bangkok

The anxiety of the traveler arriving in Bangkok is increased tenfold when his flight landed around midnight. “Will I find a taxi, room?” Rest assured, if the majority of international flights arrive late, Bangkok is a welcoming city where you will always find a taxi, and even an express train to take you downtown.

If you have not booked a hotel, go to the bottom of Sukhumvit. at the exit of the motorway from the airport. Around Soi Nana, of reasonably priced hotels as Park and Swiss Federal are used to accommodate travelers at night. You can also go to Khao San road, always lively and full of hotels and guesthouses filled with newly arrived tourists.

If you need to stay near the airport, here’s our list of hotels ( Suvarnabhumi airport )

If you need to stay near the airport, here’s our list of hotels  ( Don Mueang  airport )

KHAO SAN ROADkhao-san-road, Bangkok

Banglamphu and Thonburi

Ko Ratanakosin, the city’s most popular tourist Bangkok, was until recently

devoid of tourist accommodation.

With the popularity of boutique hotels, a few shops along the river have been transformed into cozy nests for travelers.

While Banglamphu is the epicenter of budget accommodation in Bangkok, this does not mean that this is the only place nor the best. That said, the prices are generally low and cybercafés “travel agencies and beer kiosks are numerous, making it a good base for visiting the city.

Recent years (the many hotel owners installed long have converted their former slums into a small hotel, providing a wealth of new accommodation options middle class and chic backpackers hostels. While some bemoan gentrification Khao San road, there is now a class hotels that previously lacked.



The business district along Silom is not the most charming of the capital, but it is convenient for nightlife and access to modern neighborhoods in BTS or MRT. Budget hotels are rare around Silom. There are, however boutique hotels a good quality / price ratio on Sala Daeng. Some of the most luxurious hotels in Bangkok are also located on this side.

View all hotels Silom and Sathon

SUKHUMVITsukhumvit, Bangkok

This artery is endless unofficial international area of the capital. It includes the majority of its accommodation, pension for budget travelers in slums for sex tourists, to luxury hotels. The first is located between Soi 1 and 4, while upscale accommodations begin at Soi 12. travelers who attend have the resources and tourist services are generally more expensive than Banglamphu.On can find food from all regions of the world, a vibrant nightlife, and easy access to the BTS as MRT.

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