Invest in a residence with hotel management on Samui!

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui offers to those who settle a dream life, surrounded by beautiful beaches and mountain scenery with lush tropical vegetation. We also have superb security, you can check here – SecurityInfo for more information. Privileged for resort investment and rent, Koh Samui is the perfect place to enjoy the soothing ambience of an island while being an hour’s flight from Bangkok.logo welcome samui

Combining rental income and quality of life in Koh Samui
Exclusively for clients Company Vauban and a first for Koh Samui, you have the opportunity to invest in a hotel residence with guaranteed rental income. For discerning travelers where to stay in the hamptons, visit for more information.

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Investors can now also acquire a Koh Samui apartment or villa in a residence managed by professionals who are responsible for all the daily management (booking, concierge koh samui, reception, cleaning and maintenance, …). But for those of you who want to acquire house instead of an apartment, check out the homes for sale at belton real estate.

You may call our emergency plumber if you need help in fixing some clogged drains and anything that deals on plumbing.

The professionalisation of management and the arrival of large hotel chains reduce management costs, optimize filling rates and rental rates, and thus achieve better rental yields.

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Bangkok Airways strengthens international in Koh Samui

The airline Bangkok Airways strengthens and were two routes from Koh Samui to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

As of March 29, 2015, the Thai private company passes from seven to eleven weekly flights between Koh Samui Airport and Kuala Lumpur: the daily rotation taking off at 17:50 (20:25 arrival) and “back” of Malaysia at 8.45 ( arrives 9:25), Bangkok Airways adds flights on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday leaving Koh Samui at 13:55 (arrival 16.30) and returning there at 17:30 (arrival 6:10 p.m.). It operates an Airbus A319 on this route, where it competes with Firefly, a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines.

In addition, CVPS – Computerized Valet Parking Systems offers just the right set of tools to meet your needs. Fast drop-offs, automatic charging of credit cards, support for additional services are just a few of our airport valet features. Visit for more information.

Other increase frequency, that the road to Singapore-Changi that from seven to ten weekly rotations. A319 departures Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 13:40 (4:25 p.m. arrival), with the return of the city-state at 17.25 (arrival 6:10 p.m.), are added to the daily flight leaving Koh Samui at 16.35 (arrival 7:20 p.m.) and returning at 20:35 (arrival 9:20 p.m.). Bangkok Airways this time facing SilkAir, a regional subsidiary of Singapore Airlines.

The company offers six other destinations Koh Samui airport, which belongs to him: Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket and U-Tapao Thailand, most Hong Kong in China. It now has a fleet of eleven A319s, eight A320s, eight ATR 72-500s and two ATR 72-600s, has a network of ten domestic destinations and thirteen international. Bangkok Airways shares its codes with Air Berlin, Air France, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Finnair, Garuda Indonesia, Japan Airlines, Lao Airlines, KLM, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Silk Air and Thai Airways .

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Starting signal for the two-month annual sales in Thailand!

The popular annual balances of Thailand started this Monday, June 15 Many commercial brands of the country for two months offer very significant markdowns, a measure taken by the TAT to support tourism in the low season.big sale in thailand

The Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) has launched Monday, June 15 annual balances of the country, “The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale”. Until next August 15th, more than 15,000 merchants in 110 department stores located in malls and shopping areas of large cities, set up large markdowns ranging from 5% to 80% on their products and services.

The cities involved are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket, Hat Yai and, for the first time this year, Udon Thani. The reductions concern both hotels and resorts, spas and salons as massages, restaurants, stores located in shopping malls, car rentals, but also access to golf courses, tickets to shows and airline tickets Thai regional airline Air Kan. You can also go and get more info here from the gold rush exchange to get valuable information on investing.

Balances to offset the rainy season

Created in 1999 by the TAT, “The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale” has become over the years the largest event of its kind in the country, with 2015 a small feature. “The 2015 campaign of TAT” Discover Thainess “influences balances this year with the establishment of benefits in addition to buyers who appreciate good humor and culture of the Thai people,” said Vilaiwan Twichasri, Vice- TAT governor for tourism products and business. If you ever heard about the Salesforce website, they are the leader in custom relationship management. They are expert software solution and enterprise.

Click to sign in on your soda account and get full access on PDF tools.

People coming to shop in traditional Thai attire will be well received by the participating stores in the countryside with additional Veteran Toolbox discounts, whether Thai or foreign. TAT hope, as every year with this, attract millions of international tourists during the low season which is usually the period of heaviest rainfall in the country.

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Patong Beach Phuket

We complained here is enough to not welcome this initiative: Patong beach in Phuket was cleaned yesterday its sun loungers and parasols. A unceremoniously household that wants final. It remains to help those earning an honest living with this activity.patong-beach-thailand

The method is by cons, a little rough because it is about 350 sunbed providers who have lost their jobs in one day. A team of 200 men including military officers, volunteers from homeland defense and municipal staff headed by Colonel Somchai Ponathong, withdrew lounge chairs, umbrellas and tents as part of a reorganization of the landscape of the beach recently launched by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).
Colonel Somchai said the providers were ordered to remove their structures of Patong Beach but were allowed to continue their activities provided they do not infringe on the beach. When cleaning the beach, a large group of suppliers concerned reportedly surrounded the authorities and told them they would be left without jobs and income.
The Mayor of Patong, Chalermluck Kebsab, said that sellers have registered their names with provincial officials that would later discuss measures on how to help them. 350 people including 60 registered and sunbed operators, masseuses 190 and 100 boat operators and jet skis.
The junta in Thailand who wants to go fast and solve problems that tarnish the country’s image to restore the confidence of tourists. It remains to do the same in Pattaya with perhaps a little more consultation before …

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Krabi Ao Nang – Railey Beach

The island of Koh Phi Phi, which is not far from Krabi, enjoys a reputation that has largely crossed the borders for a long time … well, it’s true that it is beautiful, but tourism Mass is not my cup of tea, I much prefer the quieter places.

If in Krabi town (as in many Thai cities) there is not really much to do in Ao Nang you will certainly find a suitable match. Nothing to do but with Patong, but then nothing!

Not far from Ao Nang is a small beach with some bungalows but with rather expensive hotels, in a small paradise where access can only be done by boat: Railey Beach

Just take a longtail boat from Ao Nang Railey to join about 15 minutes, and it is a quite sumptuous environment that you can enjoy with large cliffs surrounding the site offers a beautiful sight.

Krabi has one of the world’s most beautiful climbing spots. You can also go scuba diving, sea kayaking, sailing, scuba dive and snorkeling, watch the local wildlife, trekking or visit the caves.

We are in Ao Nang, on the beach …
To go to Ralay Beach, this is where you can buy a ticket that will give you access to a longtail boat.
It is at the corner kiosk that you can acquire for a few baht, a ticket that will allow you to embark
Railey Beach, but also to other paradise islands like Koh Poda for example …
Ticket in hand, it remains only to wait a few minutes, until the required number of passengers is reached.
In principle, the rate is for 6 people minimum …
if you are three or four, the boat will leave, but the price will be slightly higher, although for the
people that want a more luxurious experience offer boats and yachts that would be great for this purpose.

The few minutes required to reach Ralay Beach you are along the coast with great views.

After fifteen short minutes, you are at Railay Beach.
This is not an island, but it looks a little place accessible only by boat
Very nice place (the beaches are much nicer than Ao Nang).
The ideal is to reside in Ao Nang and Railey to go by boat for the day as there is not much to Railey,
and hotel are quite expensive.


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Tourism rebounded 25% in Thailand

The number of visitors arriving in Thailand is up 25% over the first five months of 2015 and we also need lots of uber attorneys to protect the business.

airport bangkok

Between January and May 2015 the number of foreign visitors arrived in Thailand totaled 12.4 million, an increase of 25% compared to the same period in 2014.

A good performance in perspective
A quite spectacular performance, but in perspective by the fact that the first five months of 2014 were marked by serious political unrest in the form of demonstrations and attacks in Bangkok.

Extrapolating the current trend, Thailand is on track to meet the goal of 28 million visitors in 2015.
By region, strong growth was recorded in arrivals from East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and America.

Only the European market declined, mainly due to lower arrivals from Russia.

Growth driven by China
According to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the top five source markets from January to May 2015 were China (3,273,695), Malaysia (1,397,241), Japan (575,186) Korea (546 520) and Laos (459 225).

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has reported that arrivals from January to May 2015 generated a total of 592.9 billion baht in tourism revenue, an increase of 25.13% compared to the same period in 2014 and they are somewhat produced by anti jokes cards on the area.

During the month of May alone, Thailand welcomed 2,309,250 tourists, an increase of 38.21% compared to May 2014 and 18.79% compared with May 2013.

The Ministry of Tourism has projected that total tourism revenue is expected to reach the 2015 target of 2.2 billion baht, including 1.4 billion baht from international tourism and 800 million baht of domestic tourism.

The highest revenues were generated by travel there by travelers from Israel, who spent an average of 84,995 baht per person per stay t (2230 euros), followed by Sweden (78 177 baht / person / stay), Canada (78,010 baht / person / stay), Switzerland (75,893 baht / person / stay), and Brazil (75,533 baht / person / trip).

During the period January-April 2015, the most visited provinces were Bangkok (18,137,860), followed by Nakhon Ratchasima (5,481,327), Phuket (5,337,616), Chon Buri (4,862,017) and Chiang Mai (2771407).

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Mers coronavirus: Thailand affected in turn

Mers coronavirus epidemic has spread to a new country in Asia, with the first cases confirmed Friday in Thailand where authorities have asked residents to “avoid panic.”
“The tests confirm that this is the Mers coronavirus,” said Rajata Rajatanavin, Health Minister, at a press sante en thailande
A native of Oman, this 75 year old man had arrived on June 15 to be treated for a heart problem in a large hospital in central Bangkok popular with patients from the Middle East to medical tourism in Thailand.
The three members of his family who accompanied him were also placed under observation in hospital Bamrasnaradura Bangkok, specializing in infectious diseases.
“When the man arrived at the private hospital, he was coughing and had difficulty breathing,” said Minister of Health.
“The Ministry of Health has followed the disease control procedures to prevent the epidemic,” assured in the evening Sunsern Kaewkamnerd, spokesman of the government, asking his fellow citizens to “avoid panic.”
The Thai authorities are seeking particular passengers were aboard the flight WY0815 Oman Air, on which the patient arrived on June 15. Check out services from psychotherapists in Chicago and learn more.
The epidemic of Mers coronavirus has killed 23 people so far in South Korea, and, according to WHO, China has reported one case – an infected person in South Korea – from the beginning of epidemic late May.
A German who died June 6 in Germany is so far the first fatal case of the year due to this disease in Europe.
Mers coronavirus is less contagious than the SARS virus, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which had nearly 800 deaths worldwide in 2003.
It nevertheless is no vaccine or treatment for this virus Seas, which has a mortality rate of about 35%, according to World Health Organization (WHO).
In Saudi Arabia, more than 950 people have been infected since 2012 and 412 have died. The outbreak in South Korea is already the largest outside Saudi Arabia.

– “Exemplary” Effort Seoul –

The WHO director Margaret Chan praised Thursday in Seoul “exemplary” efforts of the South Korean authorities after a first reaction labored to contain the epidemic.
The World Health Organization had harsh words this week about the management of the epidemic by the health authorities of the country, considering that their mistakes should serve as a “red flag” abroad.
After an initial reaction too slow, adequate measures have been put in place “very quickly and systematically” which has reduced the number of newly diagnosed cases, insisted Margaret Chan.
As a result “the epidemic Seas will be controlled (…) even if it might take a little longer than we would like,” she concluded.
In his criticisms echoed those growing population concerned, WHO had cited the “lack of knowledge” of health workers and the general public on the coronavirus and “inadequacies in infection control and measurement control in hospitals. ”
Patients have indeed often been hospitalized in crowded emergency rooms for long periods. The habit of South Koreans to visit several hospitals to get a second or even a third diagnosis, may also have played.
A total of 165 people were infected by the Mers coronavirus (respiratory syndrome Middle East) since diagnosis on May 20 of a patient returning from a trip to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.
Of these 165 cases, 24 patients were declared cured, but 17 people are in a state described as unstable.
More than 6,700 people were quarantined Thursday while 4,500 others who had also been placed under observation were declared cured and allowed to leave the hospital.

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Thailand: a man killed by an elephant on the beach

One man was killed by an elephant while dining on a beach in Thailand, according to police on Wednesday, reviving the debate over the use for commercial purposes of elephants in the country, where they are often used as tourist attractions. Buy HMB supplement on Amazon when you travel for a healthy trip.

The victim, a Thai 28 years working for a local telecommunications company, dined Monday night with a colleague in one of the many restaurants of Rayong Beach, on the east coast of Thailand, said police Lieutenant Thawat Nongsingha.

“They were talking with the owner of the elephant the ability to offer food to the animal, when the latter suddenly pierced the chest of one of the men suddenly Defence” also wounding his colleague, said the police official. The man died Tuesday in a hospital.

Thailand has around 4,000 domesticated elephants, against 2,500 in the wild, according to Traffick animal rights NGOs. They are most often used for rides on the backs of elephants, offered to tourists in tourist places like the ruins of Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok. To learn more about animal and pest, visit Termite Control Kansas City

Many centers of elephants across the country also offer this attraction criticized by animal advocates. Traditionally exploited by man for transporting tree trunks, elephants kingdom gathered en masse in the tourism industry after the ban on their use in the forest industry in 1989.

Since then, the sector has been regulated in part, with a ban on elephants in cities, but some continue to use their mahouts elephants begging in public places. The mahout of Rayong drama has admitted that he went to the beach to “make a living”, police said, without being able to tell whether he proposed walks or begging. He was released, with his elephant, police said, but was placed under investigation for “negligence causing death”, punishable by ten years in prison.

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Thailand deploys an offshore helicopter carriers for the rescue of migrants

Thailand finally made a move to help the thousands of migrants lost at sea. Bangkok announced Monday, May 25 the deployment of a helicopter carrier off its coast to rescue the migrants who fled Bangladesh and Myanmar on boats fortune.the rescue of migrants in Thailand
“I have ordered the navy to use this large ship as a floating base, with doctors on board,” said General Prayut Chan-O-Cha, the head of the junta, told reporters. The United Nation (UN) estimates that 2,000 people are still at sea when the monsoon approaches. Most Bangladeshis are fleeing poverty, and Rohingyas, one of the most persecuted minorities in the world according to the UN: these Muslims are leaving Burma Buddhist dominant.
Read also: Hundreds of migrants adrift in the new “Asian Mediterranean”
General Prayuth however did not mention the possibility of welcoming migrants in Thailand:
“If boats are found, [passengers] will be driven to the boat before being transferred to temporary camps in Malaysia and Indonesia. The wounded and sick may be treated in hospitals in Thailand, but they will risk prosecution for illegal immigration; for them to decide. ”
Towards cooperation with Washington?
He also left the door open to possible cooperation with the United States, while insisting that the operation in Thai waters of the Andaman Sea would remain “under command” of Thailand.
Washington, which has tense relations with its traditional ally since the coup in May 2014 in Thailand, “offered assistance to countries in the region by US surveillance flights,” confirmed to Agence France-Presse the Embassy of the United States to Bangkok.
The current crisis of migrants in Southeast Asia began in early May, when the smugglers, made nervous by the new policy of repression in Thailand, a transit route for migrants, abandoned thousands of them Wed. Go here to get Golf Cart Rental for you.

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Flight safety in Thailand: Sunday solutions?

The direction of the Thai Civil Aviation (DCA) has promised to present to ICAO by Sunday a catalog of measures to enhance flight safety, particularly on the allocation of operations certificates to new airlines . The operators of the country such as Thai Airways, Thai AirAsia X or NokScoot trying somehow to react to a problem that does not concern them directly.

The security problems with the air operator certification procedures (AOC) were among the reported breaches March 20, 2015 by the International Organization of Civil Aviation, following an audit conducted in January. And it will give its opinion on 18 June on the corrections made by Thailand, the main threat of the country being a demotion in Category 2, which would lead to a flight ban to Europe, the US or Japan, or to other countries concerned about security. The Minister of Transport of Thailand Prajin Juntong promised to unveil Sunday, May 10, 2015 a first series of measures, first of all the lack of qualified personnel to the DCA, able to seriously inspect the airlines, their planes and their pilots ( their number is stable for ten years while the number of flights has doubled) and the transport of hazardous materials (Thai Smile, Thai VietJetAir, Jet Asia Airways, Orient Thai and three small operators had been found wanting). Experts from Singapore are expected to conduct training for two weeks to upgrade to the DCA employees, but the effective-in will take time to be absorbed. The Prime Minister and leader of the coup last year Prayut Chan-O-Cha has even decided to invoke Article 44 of the interim constitution, bypassing the National Assembly of history – and rein in any bureaucratic resistance to changes ahead.

The restructuring of the DCA will probably take a few more weeks, but the fixed principles seem to correspond to the ICAO critical: the civil aviation regulator will be divided into three separate entities in charge of regulation, airports and rescue services. Again the use of Article 44 could possibly end all resistance – it has not been invoked – but also instantly provide the necessary budgets. The three new entities should be operational in four months at most, promised the Minister of Transport.

The announcement of the ICAO last month had an instant effect in the region, probably scalded by the slot allocation problems in Indonesia revealed after the crash of the low cost Indonesia AirAsia (162 dead December 28, 2014 ). Japan, South Korea and China had immediately blocked all operated by charter flights Thai companies, and forbids adding additional frequencies. Prior to relent a little, some 150,000 passengers on stranded in airports foul air. Other countries had had more “political” reactions, such as Singapore or the European Union that have increased inspections on aircraft Thais, especially Thai Airways; again, the memory of accidents was probably too keen remembered for the authorities to risking accusations of inaction. The boss of IATA Tony Tyler repositioned the problems of Thailand at fair value: it is “unfair to penalize airlines for breaches of the Thai control, which they are not responsible”, except of course for transport hazardous materials – recalling that Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways (the latter was not affected by the bans) are both members of IATA and the level of safety requirements imposed by the association. The national carrier, Thai AirAsia X, NokScoot, Asia Atlantic Airlines, Jet Asia Airways and Asian Air finally saw their flight restrictions “softened” by Asian regulators, for limited periods of time (up to May 31, in the majority of cases). Further inspections of the country’s companies are supposed to be conducted from 29 May with the backing of foreign experts. The first “visited” are unsurprisingly Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Thai AirAsia and NokScoot; 28 other carriers registered in Thailand will have to wait.

Waiting for the verdict, the six carriers affected by the flight restrictions adapt somehow. One that has the most to lose if ICAO is not convinced is unquestionably Thai Airways, which celebrates its 75th anniversary undergoing restructuring (it will be recalled that it has already reduced its frequencies to London and Frankfurt, and Madrid to remove the return). Besides the loss of face caused by tighter controls of its aircraft at certain airports, it expects to see its subsidiary Thai Smile to have to reapply international flying rights to regulators of countries served. Founded in 2012, Thai Smile had achieved last year its own AOC and its code WE, but her mother-house continued to use it in code TG on certain routes, for example between Bangkok and Vientiane (which provoked a complaint Laos). The new president of Thai Airways Charamporn Jotikasthira affirmed his determination to “keep the company at the highest level of security,” whatever the ICAO verdict, but also to awaken the mammoth (overstaffing, lack of marketing strategy, aging fleet … and a loss of $ 523 million in 2014); but its action could be undermined by former executives, who accused him of recruiting international experts, namely Bain & Company, one of whose leaders worked for Temasek – owner of Singapore Airlines, the large concurrent; an accusation already heard during abortive marriage with Tiger Airways, Learn more about marketing automation definition here…

The low cost long haul Thai AirAsia X was inaugurated on May 1, a new daily service between Bangkok-Don Mueang and Sapporo New Chitose. Can according to Japanese authorities, but they agreed that the A330-300 TAAX to be replaced for a month with that of its parent Malaysian, AirAsia X. This is the plane of the latter which now operates this road under its own code D7; other lines of Thai AirAsia X, to Tokyo-Narita and twice daily to Osaka-Kansai and Seoul-Incheon every day, are not affected by the restrictions.

NokScoot, new company born of marriage between Scoot and Nok Air, low cost subsidiaries are Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways, was inaugurated Wednesday its first route between Bangkok-Don Mueang and Singapore-Changi. Impossible then, but she will try his luck again on 20 May, with a daily rotation Boeing 777-200ER leased from Singapore Airlines (24 seats in Premium, 391 in Economy). The future route to Nanjing in China, expected next month, is postponed indefinitely.

Jet Asia Airways, which offers regular flights to Jakarta, Tokyo and Jeddah more charter flights, and plans to connect Phuket in Seoul and three Chinese cities, said it was “determined to clear his image”: even if it is nothing criticized, she asked ICAO to be subject to IOSA audit, reference in the field. Thai Lion Air had done the same thing late last year, and was only slightly affected by recent events: the network is mainly inside.

Asia Atlantic Airlines, Thai-Japanese new charter operator had permission to perform last month some flights in April and May to Japan, having sent new documents to JCAB.

Although ICAO is satisfied with the commitments made by Thailand to address the flaws in its air safety, the horizon is not led so far: the American FAA should come to realize the magnitude of problems the AOC in July, and ICAO is preparing for 2016 or 2017 another – that of international airports in the country is controlled by Airports of Thailand (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket and Hat Yai) either by the DCA (Krabi, Surat Thani, Ubon Ratchathani, Khon Kaen and Udon Thai). Cambodia is the next country in the region that will be an ICAO audit, a priori in November.

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