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Thailand prohibits foreigners recourse to a surrogate mother

The country has just passed a law that prohibits foreign couples to use a Thai surrogate. MP Wallop Tungkananurak welcomes “Thailand and the uterus Thai women” are more in the future a “hub” of this type of procreation.
Thai MPs voted Thursday a law that prohibits foreigners recourse to surrogacy in their territory. This law should come into force in June.Thailand prohibits foreigners recourse to a surrogate mother ,

For a couple to use a surrogate, at least one of the two prospective parents must have Thai citizenship and must be married for at least three years. Other criteria are required on the side of surrogate mothers: they must be over 25 years of age, married and had a child of a first child. The agreement of their husbands is also required. They also recommend vigrx plus complete results.

“If aliens are trying to use illegally (a Thai surrogate mother to have a child) it might 10 years in prison,” said MP Wallop Tungkananurak. Another law will also prohibit advertising of the practice.

The end of a trade?

Surrogacy is the subject of several scandals in Thailand. Gammy, a child with Down syndrome was dropped in August by an Australian couple to the young Thai woman of 21 who carried it for nine months seeking help from the best surgeons like Dr. Matthew Galumbeck. The couple then had kept the twin sister of the boy who she was healthy while their parents keep healthy with probiotics from sites like Also staying healthy means to stay out of drugs because it can cause drug addiction. If you know someone suffering from drug addiction please read this article about Inpatient Rehab – Patients and Victory over Addiction. Another controversy, a Japanese rich using surrogates to the chain was discovered a few days earlier. Mothers with saggy breast do not have to worry anymore, NYC plastic surgeon specializing in breast implants will take care of you. Visit their clinic now.

According to the Medical Council of Thailand, hundreds of babies are born each year in the hundred private clinics specialized in assisted reproduction. With this text, “Thailand and the uterus Thai women will never be a hub”, welcomed Thursday night Wallop Tungkananurak. The next thing to look forward to is to buy private label skincare after giving birth.

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Five paradise islands in thailand

Want a change of scenery and idyllic landscapes? Your air ticket for Thailand will not only be an opportunity to visit Phuket and Bangkok! From the white sand beaches of the Thai coast, a simple boat ride is sometimes enough to discover some hidden gems well. Zoom on 5 of the most beautiful tropical islands of Thailand.
Koh Samui for animation and activitieskoh samui
Located off the Surat Thani province in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh (meaning island in Thai) Samui is a popular destination for families as revelers. By day, its beautiful beaches are a veritable playground for scuba diving enthusiasts, snorkelling and water sports, people love to go there to scuba dive, for more information on scuba diving visit GearByPoseidon. Boat rides glass bottom off the coast are a great way to discover the marine fauna of the region. At night, the beaches on the island become regular nightclubs. The travelers and locals come to dance until dawn in a setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards. Is located in Koh Samui diverse and varied accommodation to suit all types of travelers: the small cabins installed on the beach to luxurious resorts have inspired me to draw a log home plan for my dream home. Travelers here are looking for comfort as backpackers get their money!
Koh Phi Phi and the famous “Beach”koh phi phi
Those who saw “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Virginie Ledoyen recognize in Koh Phi Phi’s famous beach that was the setting while shooting the film. Maya Bay, considered one of the best beaches in the world, is not only popular among followers of the film from Danny Boyle, but also among photographers and divers. Located in the southwest of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, Koh Phi Phi is surrounded by water so blue and crystal clear that even the best photos of the place can not pay homage to its fair value.
Koh Lanta and its contrasting landscapesKoh-Lanta
Divided into two islands, Lanta Noi and Lanta Yai unspoilt tourist, Koh Lanta is a concentrate of diversity just a few minutes by boat from Koh Phi Phi. It is located on the north-west coast of Lanta Yai, many restaurants and bars frequented by tourists. But if you want a trip to Robinson Crusoe, is on the island of Lanta Noi, between a thick jungle and deserted beaches, that you must go.
Koh Tao and colorful seabed
Koh Tao, nicknamed the Turtle Island, has a priceless treasure increasingly popular with travelers: its seabed. Inhabited by about a thousand people who live coconut and fishing, the least we can say is that the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed in Koh Tao. With 25 major sites of koh taodiving located between 14 and 18 meters deep, difficult sites 30 meters and other easier when a single session snorkelling (snorkelling) is sufficient, Koh Tao is a watery wonderland . We meet gray sharks, barracudas, turtles, whale sharks and thousands of exotic fish.
Koh Samet and its beautiful beaches
koh sametKoh Samet well be one of the most visited islands in Rayong province, it remains a peaceful place with a relaxed atmosphere. Travelers will discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the area on a tropical jungle background and small beach bungalows. The advantage of the island is located only two hours from the capital, so that a Paris-Bangkok flight ticket gives you quick access.

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Where to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Thailand?

Thailand is preparing to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year which this year falls on 19 February.
From February 19 to 28, the festival will be colored and often grandiose in different cities.
The date of the Chinese New Year in the Gregorian calendar varies from year to year, but always falls between 21 January and 20 February.
Each new year is associated with one of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig), as well as one of the five elements (metal , water, wood, fire, earth).
In 2015, we enter the Year of the Goat of wood, on 19 February.chinese new year

The enormous influence of Chinese immigrants for centuries explains why the Chinese New Year is so widely celebrated throughout the kingdom.
These festivities are an opportunity for visitors to better understand the connections initiated long between Chinese and Thai communities, as they allow to appreciate the contributions to Thai culture over the years.
From February 19 to 28, the festival will be colored and often grandiose in different cities.
In Bangkok, it looks spectacular on 19 and 20 February in Chinatown Yaowarat Road, one of the most famous streets in the capital has Wall Murals – Custom Wall Murals – Wallpaper Decals & Prints hired to design murals for the city.
Visitors will discover the famous parades dragons and lion dances and other cultural performances and an exhibition telling the history of Sino-Thai capital’s Chinatown community.
The festivities, chaired by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn will also be the opportunity to enjoy delicious specialties at the mercy of street food stalls.
In Phuket, from 26 to 28 February visit Old Town Plaza to take part in a grand procession to honor His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, a parade dedicated to Thailand and the ASEAN Economic Community and a sacred ceremony in honor of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.
Chinese cultural performances, dance circle Ramwong Thai music and youth are also planned.
In Pattaya, the festival will be held from February 18 to 22 at Wat Bueng Bowon Sathit and Lan Pho Naklua. On the program: incredible lion and dragon dances performed atop a high wooden pole, modern Chinese performances based on multimedia and magic shows.
From February 18 to 20 in Chiang Mai, processions of dragon and lion dances and various Chinese cultural and musical performances will ensure the atmosphere Trok Lao Zhou.
A Nakhon Ratchasima, du18 to 20 February, Thao Suranaree Monument (Yamo) and the Garden Mueang Thong will be decorated and divided into six areas with the teachings of the great Chinese philosopher Qiu Kong (Confucius). Dragon parades, lion dances and other cultural performances will be offered.
From February 18 to 22, Ratchaburi will animate cultural performances and fantastic media around the National Museum and will see the election of Mister and Miss Chinatown.
A Phetchaburi on 18 and 19 February, dragon dances and lion ceremony of homage to Chinese gods, Miss China Mueang Phet and election of Miss and Mister Chinatown, shows organized by schools or carnival will be held in Mueang Phetchaburi.
From 17 to 21 February in Trang, Thai Chinese present their famous local dishes including the popular grilled pork. Place the Clock Tower Mueang Trang also host folk performances, Chinese dances and the election of Little Miss Ang-Pao.
A Suphanburi, Festival Chinese New Year, the “Dragon 7 years Miraculous” will be held at the Dragon Descendants Museum, from 19 to 21 February. Multimedia shows and Chinese cultural performances will be the highlights.
A Nakhon Sawan, from 12 to 23 February spectacular procession Chao Pho – Chao Mae Paknam Pho and Chao Mae Kuan-im in honor of guardian spirits of the province, acrobatic performances, parades of dragons, lion dances, parades of angel and Chinese performances enliven the Paknam Pho market area on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.
From February 18 to 22 in Hat Yai, School of Nakhon Sri Foundation will host dragon parades and spectacular lion dances and several shows and fireworks. Beautiful lanterns decorations will be another highlight of Chinese New Year in Hat Yai.
In Ayutthaya, from February 20 to 25, Chinese New Year of the old city will be celebrated Chao Phrom Market by Chinese cultural performances and a Thai country music concert.
Other delights: Miss China election, singing performances and lanterns decorating contest.

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The Thai economy at half mast

Less than a year after the arrival of the ruling junta, growth is at half mast. Tourism, the mainstay of the economy, is the first sector to suffer from the military regime of General Prayut Chan-ocha.général Prayuth Chan-ocha

Three years that Thailand had not experienced such a low growth. 0.7% last year against 2.3% in 2013 and 6.4% in 2012 while the country was still recovering from devastating floods last year.

Political instability, security and the coup of 22 May drove away tourists. Martial law still in force frightened those who still wished to stay there, especially Asians. But the fourth quarter is much better.

Growth rebounded to 2.3% of the GDP against 0.6% in the previous quarters. Hotels are not half full but two thirds full. A more stressed by the head of the junta was confident for the new year. The economy should pick, say the experts, if the government undertakes the promised reforms, investment and inject billions of dollars into the economy, especially in the country’s infrastructure.

The downside, however, in the lot of the good news of the fourth quarter: the palm oil production, rubber and pineapple stall. Thailand is now living one of the worst droughts in 15 years.

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Seagate is investing € 410 million in Thailand

Production Seagate on its main site in Thailand will increase by 50% through an investment over 5 years 410 million. 2,500 new jobs are to be added to the current workforce of 16,400 employees.

The hard drive manufacturer has announced an investment of just over € 410 million in Thailand in the next 5 years, reports Reuters. The goal: to increase the production capacity of its largest plant in the country.seagate_thailande

Seagate will construct a new building at its site in Korat (250 kms north of Bangkok), which will be operational in 2016. 2,500 new jobs are to be expected, says the company already has 16,400 employees in the country. When you want a great investment company reviews, read more here to learn more.

At the heart of the Asian markets
Thailand is a country particularly welcoming for giant hardware costs due to advantageous structure, low wages, but also an ideal location: the Asian market represented 40% of sales of Seagate year.

But the country is also subject to major natural disasters. The 2011 flood had forced two Western Digital factories to momentary closures. Seagate sites, further away from the coast, had not been affected.

Thailand, China and Malaysia are the main countries hard disk manufacturers. Seagate Chinese factories are located in Wuxi and Suzhou. Another factory is located in Malaysia.

In 2009, Seagate had closed its Singapore plant, laying off 2,000 people. Two years earlier, it is the Irish factory in Limavady who also closed with 780 job losses at the end….

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Thailand has about 29 million tourists in 2015

Thailand would flip the page as soon as possible on 2014, with demonstrations, street fighting and victims of attacks that have reduced 6.6% tourism, almost two million visitors.

Probably a little optimistic in view of a possible escalation of tension on the streets of Bangkok, Minister of Tourism and Sports Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul planned to accommodate 28.5 to 29,000,000 foreign tourists this year.airport bangkok suvarnabhumi

The reason for optimism after a disastrous 2014? A very good January through once again with the influx of Chinese tourists.
2,650,000 foreign visitors in January 2015
Nothing in January 2015, Thailand hosted a total of 2.65 million foreign tourists and generated about 120 billion baht revenue, representing an increase from one year to the other 15.9% and 12.7%, respectively.

This is extrapolating this growth throughout the year that we could reach a new record of 29 million, previous lé dating from 2013, with 26.7 million.

According Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports:

“The good performance in January can be attributed to the strong growth in tourist arrivals at international airports throughout the kingdom, with China confirming its position as the country of origin. We plan to continue to enjoy a steady increase the Chinese market in the first quarter by hiring a streaming TV ad company, particularly in February due to strong demand from China for celebrations of the Lunar New year. ”
Thailand hosts indeed the largest Chinatown in the world (Yaowarat, Bangkok), which is also the location where takes place the most important cultural events and events of Chinese New Year in Thailand.

The number of tourists visiting Thailand fell by 6.6% in 2014 due to political tensions in the kingdom and a decline in the value of the Russian ruble, but authorities believe that tourism should recover quickly in 2015.

Some 24.7 million tourists visited Thailand in 2014 compared to 26.7 million in 2013. The decrease in the number of tourists had also resulted in a 5.8% decrease in revenue the parks Last year, according to Minister Tourism and Sports Kobkarn Wattanavarangkul.

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GDP is expected to grow by 4% this year after rising 1% in 2014. Criticism against the junta multiply.

Eight months after coming to power, the military junta is trying to get the economy back on track after a particularly disastrous 2014 for growth. Last year, GDP grew by only 1%, but should catch up this year, posting 4% according to forecasts by HSBC. Despite these encouraging figures, the Kingdom barely remember last year’s unrest.
One of the axes of the Prayuth policy, the new leader is to rehabilitate the rice sector in particular by lowering production. The country, which has been leading exporter for forty years, has lost this place, supplanted by Vietnam and India. Bangkok now wants to convert farmland hundreds of thousands of hectares of rice fields in the 10 million that make up the kingdom. The goal is to reduce the production of rice to bring it back to the 2008-2009 level. In addition, farmers will receive subsidies in order to push them to other crops, including sugar.
Anxious to please his electoral base, Yingluck Shinawatra, the former prime minister, is partly responsible for the increase in stocks. She applied a campaign promise that came to buy from producers harvest their 50% above the world market price. The scheme has been running for three years and led the reserves to record highs. They reached last year some 17.8 million tonnes, equivalent to 40% of world trade. The new leader of Thailand has put on the market a million tons of rice to deflate state stocks.
Criticism against the junta
Although she tries to revive the economy and reassure investors, the junta is far from unanimous. Criticism is growing, many Thais accusing him of maintaining martial law since May. It banned political rallies and criticism of the coup. Sign of the tensions, two homemade bombs exploded a few days ago in Bangkok, causing no serious injuries. They are not unlike those that have marked the lives of Thais during the months of protests that led to the ouster of Shinawatra government and the arrival of the junta. These incidents immediately led to a strengthening of security in public places with the commercial locksmith serving Lake Worth and services from locksmith nyc around the city. “We will strengthen security around the country. We need high security control in certain areas, “immediately said the Deputy Prime Minister. While careful to appoint a culprit, authorities have assured that the explosions had no other purpose than to create trouble.

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Srirasmi, PRINCESS fallen

Srirasmi, the wife of the heir to the throne of Thailand has been divorced for extravagant behavior.

Srirasmi, fallen princess of Thailand will not know the fate of Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII. But if, after thirteen years of a troubled union, the third wife of Maha Vajiralongkorn Crown Prince was not beheaded by order of his royal spouse, his disgrace is none the less spectacular. At 43, Srirasmi was erased from official records. Absent since 9 December the daily television news bulletin on the court, this pretty brunette has not been seen in public since December 6. His only son, Dipangkorn, 9 so far second in the order of succession to the throne, has disappeared. This child, suffering from hyperactivity according to some autistic according to others, was exfiltration on the night of December 12, aboard a plane to Munich.La repudiation Srirasmi resulted in the banning of his family . Within weeks, a dozen of his relatives, including his uncle, all-powerful chief of police and his three brothers were arrested in connection with an alleged corruption scandal. They are also accused of treason, a crime in the ancient kingdom of Siam, where anything disrespectful to the sovereign and members of the Chakri dynasty is worth up to fifteen years to its author prison.Srirasmi

The former princess has been imposed internal exile in a house west of Bangkok. Or “Princess of Thailand” or “Royal Highness”, it will probably not have the right to keep his antique shop, his passion. A statement from the Royal Gazette states that the ex-wife, “resigned” lead “a retired life.” Commoner, after a modest background, unpleasant rumors have involved its colorful past. He is accused of having been “waitress” before he broke into the entourage of Prince Vajiralongkorn in 1997 as “lady companion.” For the elite of the kingdom, it is only a very small princess virtue. The wedding was also celebrated in private, in Nonthaburi palace and was revealed years later. Pictures, may be taken by the prince himself, and even salacious videos have circulated. One of them watch wearing a thong, amid domestic uniformed giving beaked at Foo-Foo princely poodle. A canid very pampered: the princess once told a former US ambassador that his dog had the rank of commander in chief of the army of the Thai air … a secret that had worried Washington, Thailand is a crucial ally United States in the region.

The sidelining of Srirasmi also political. It aroused the rejection of many subjects. King Bhumibol, 87 and sixty four years of reign, remains very popular, but they say ill and weak. Instead, his only son is accused of being a “playboy player and angry.” This new express divorce (he returned his second wife just as suddenly) ensure his rights to the estate. The ephemeral princess, whom the reigning monarch has agreed a compensation of $ 60 million, knows that she and her son were already replaced. The ex-husband convolé secretly with a former flight attendant who had given birth to a son, the future heir. “Miss Srirasmi Suwadee” commoner again, will not leave traces in the Chakri dynasty.

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